Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Bells and Rainboots

Last weekend I got to celebrate a wedding for a sweet friend of mine, Caroline Davie, in Anniston.
Friday night there were cocktails after the rehearsal dinner, & a band to keep us dancing away...
Casey, Jenn, Claire, and Leah at the Anniston Country Club
The precious bride enjoying a dance with her groom!
Though the wedding day didnt start out being the prettiest day in the world, it cleared up just in time for the ceremony, and the reception at the Caroline's dad's farm. The tent was HUGE, with the tallest flower arrangements I'd ever seen, the most delicious food, plenty of beverages, and a great band. The twinkly lights and lanterns set the mood for a romantic atmosphere!

Casey, Caroline, and me

This bucket was waiting for us as we entered with flip flops, which was much more appealing on the grass than heels! Thanks Caroline! And by the end of the night it was filled with marshmellows to send Jeff and Caroline off with!

Jenn, Casey, and Leah (yes, I know I look awesome--the rain loves my hair)

Now some of us chose to forego the flips for the always-stylish rainboots....but I guarentee you we had the cleanest tootsies in the tent.

And of course what better way to ride off in style after a shower of marshmellows and hugs and kisses, than a Gator decorated in ribbons and bows and giant JUST MARRIED sign!! Love it! Jeff and Caroline have been together so many years, I've quit counting, and I'm so happy they've made it official. They are absolutely perfect together! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Goodgame!!

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