Thursday, May 28, 2009

What rain?

My favorite sunsets are those over the gulf. So this one definitely made me smile. I've been itchin' to put my toes in the sand for weeks now, and have been counting the days until Memorial Day weekend.
But when the weather guys decided to rain on my parade (haha) and inform me of thunderstorms all weekend, I thought I'd "peer die," as my mama says....
BUT...Jess and I arrived late Friday night, and from that point on, I believe we probably saw maybe 10 minutes of rain the whole weekend! It rained ALL the way down on us and ALL the way back Monday, but I guess we dropped the rain clouds off somewhere on the "long bridge." I even heard people left Destin early on Sunday because of the rain?? I guess they should've driven down the rode 15 minutes further to our little pocket full of sunshine. We had to break out the SPF!
Anyway, before I jinx the next was a relaxing, much-needed vacation. Jess and I drove down after work Friday evening and met Haley, Tami and Lane (who had come down Thursday and unforutnately did have an overcast and rainy Friday). Saturday around lunch the clouds disappeared and sun came out, so we made a mad dash for our suits and the beach to soak up sun not knowing how long it would last! But it lasted. Til we were tired of it. And til Lane fell asleep. (Ok, and I did too apparently because Jess said I did that twitching thing.) So we called it a day, headed back upstairs to the condo for showers and grilled out burgers by the pool. Saturday night ended hanging out on the deck listening to the ocean, and laughing at each other. Geez, we really are dorks sometimes. Mostly Lane.
Sunday it was back out to the beach, much warmer and less windy today. But the airplane lifeguard whatever-he-was was still out keeping people out of the water because the current was too strong I guess. Did you know when there are double red flags out the "sand sheriff" can actually FINE you for being in the water?? He was pulling people out all day and yelling at them. I'm pretty sure David Hasselhoff would never do such a thing...anyway.
Sunday night we ate at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, which was DELICIOUS, and listened to a great band there. Now--as a shout out (and singing lesson) to my mom, here' s a pic of one of the chairs at Margaritaville we just couldn't resist taking a picture of! If you're confused, click HERE for you, mama. ;o)
But all too soon, it was Monday, time to load up the car, run by the outlets, and head home. Booo.....and just like clockwork, just past the "long bridge," we picked up the rain.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Bells and Rainboots

Last weekend I got to celebrate a wedding for a sweet friend of mine, Caroline Davie, in Anniston.
Friday night there were cocktails after the rehearsal dinner, & a band to keep us dancing away...
Casey, Jenn, Claire, and Leah at the Anniston Country Club
The precious bride enjoying a dance with her groom!
Though the wedding day didnt start out being the prettiest day in the world, it cleared up just in time for the ceremony, and the reception at the Caroline's dad's farm. The tent was HUGE, with the tallest flower arrangements I'd ever seen, the most delicious food, plenty of beverages, and a great band. The twinkly lights and lanterns set the mood for a romantic atmosphere!

Casey, Caroline, and me

This bucket was waiting for us as we entered with flip flops, which was much more appealing on the grass than heels! Thanks Caroline! And by the end of the night it was filled with marshmellows to send Jeff and Caroline off with!

Jenn, Casey, and Leah (yes, I know I look awesome--the rain loves my hair)

Now some of us chose to forego the flips for the always-stylish rainboots....but I guarentee you we had the cleanest tootsies in the tent.

And of course what better way to ride off in style after a shower of marshmellows and hugs and kisses, than a Gator decorated in ribbons and bows and giant JUST MARRIED sign!! Love it! Jeff and Caroline have been together so many years, I've quit counting, and I'm so happy they've made it official. They are absolutely perfect together! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Goodgame!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For the 29th Time!.......

Happy Mother's Day! I'm not exactly sure I've told her that 29 times (well, without coaching from Dad) but Mom just had her 29th Mother's Day! I won't tell you how many my Grandmothers' had....let's just say it was more than 29. A lot more. Mom's Day is always fun....and non-stop.
Starts with me rushing out of mi casa...and back (forgot the hydrandreas for Mama) Montgomery. Grab a DC to wake me up for the drive. Speed (kidding M&D).
Stop #1: Lunch at Mimi and PawPaw's (Mom's 'rents--the Italians....) I swear it seems like there are always more conversations going on here than actual people. It makes me laugh. It's loud.
And by the way, this is me and my never fails we always seem to dress alike. Hmmm....
But of course, prior to lunch--we have priorities. Daddy must hang PawPaw's new mount....carefully PLEASE!
Finally it is time for lunch. Mama and Daddy had to beg to bring food. Mimi didnt understand the concept. She should cook. Family is coming, right? So what if it's Mom's Day. Thank goodness Jim N Nick's BBQ won out. But believe me there were sides of cream corn and butter beans. I am NOT complaining that she cooked just a little bit. This is PawPaw. I can only assume he is sizing up those desserts Aunt Nancy brought. He generally likes his homemade pies and Italian cookies. (note suspenders) Aunt Nancy is in charge of desserts and rolls a lot. She does a good job there. (Love you Auntie N! :)- ) I actually bring less than that. Stop #2: Dinner at Grandmother and Wes' (Dad's Mom...the Baptists). They are the quiet ones. Until the other cousins get there. They have hearing aids--I think they crank it down, or maybe its selective hearing.... Anyway, again NOT suppose to cook but before long I smell a turkey and I see Daddy carving something in the distance....Uncle Pat may actully turn into a cornstalk after as many as corn cobs he ate, and good gosh the casseroles!! Here's Grandmother and her grandchillin'...Shelby, Lindsey, her fave of course **me**, and Hunter. (Not pictured is my sweet sis, Jessie Messie who sadly was in Tally working at her church. She celebrated early with M&D). Now, I have to put this one in. I hope you can see this good. My cousin Lindsey pictured above, is a Junior at UA (BUT AN AUBURN FAN TO CLARIFY) is an Education major. She loves kids and kids love her. I can ONLY ASSUME that is why she has purple streaks in her hair right now. 'Cause the kids must love it? I'm on Team-Grandmother here, L. You're crazy! Only kidding're a nut, that's for sure. But I love you to pieces, purple hair and all!! Full belly. Leftovers in-hand. Hugs and kisses. And I'm on the road. I'd say it was a good day for Moms.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What A Weekend!

I love this weekend every year, my reunion with 8 of my college sorority sisters...which we've affectionately coined "OOC" weekend. Though things may not be quite as Out Of Control as we made them seem in college, we manage to have the best time....and stay in control...go figure! Tara ("tt") who has now created the most precious tshirt business ever (if you haven't seen it, you must! Go see made us all tshirts for the weekend that were so much fun!!
It may have rained all weekend, but we managed to get out of the house for lunch and a little shopping. But not for too long! All we really wanted to do was lounge around with a beverage and settle in for the "circle of friends!" Where did that name come from anyway?!?!
We also drew names for next year, and looks like 61 will be our hostess! She will decide if we'll be in Atlanta or if we'll have an OOC Destination!