Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I got mail!

Though I am not the best at sending cards and little notes to my friends and family as often as I should, I am always thinking about them, especially during special, or difficult times. It seems my friends are the best at letting me know just how much they care about me, and when I get those "thinking of you" cards in the mail, it makes my day. Really, it makes my week! They stay up on my fridge for a months!
But the most special one I've gotten in a while came yesterday. And I cried as I read it. Seriously, like the crocodille tears.
I havent blogged about this, because there isnt enough room to put in words what's in my heart. But a few weeks ago, my grandfather passed away. It was a long, miserable fight, by one of the strongest men I've ever known. I called him Wes, because my first Granddaddy, passed away when I was 10, and my heart hurts every day without him. And I see him in my father ever day. Then 6 years later Wes married my grandmother, and for the last 15 years he's become one of the most important people in my life, because I see how much he loves my grandmother, and our family. This joining of families is even more special because Wes' family and ours grew up together, his boys and my father and uncle got in plenty of trouble as kids together! And these two dear friends below marrying each other only seemed just shy of perfect, until they join back up with Granddaddy and Luverne in Heaven, and the four of them could laugh and sip lemonade and tell stories about the good ol' days.
So that's what they did, they've grown old together, til they were 85. Now my dear grandmother has buried her second husband, and like the "tough ol' bird" she is, she'll be fine. And Wes, Luverne, and Granddaddy will be watching over her, until she's ready to take her wings. It's the rest of us humans that are mending our broken hearts while praising God, all at once.
Which brings this post full broken heart....and my dear friends. We have seen this coming for weeks, years even, and my friends from Mobile to North Carolina, and all over AL and GA, have wrapped their arms around me. I have felt their love. And no more so than when I opened this card last night. (sorry for the quality, it's from my camera phone at work)
It's from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and if you know me in the slightest, you know I am in love with this organization.... I opened it up to read this....

Can you read it? I didn't get flowers, or food, when Wes passed away. Instead I got something these girls somehow knew would mean the most to me. And would warm my heart when it feels so broken these days. A donation was made to the MAW Foundation in my honor, in Wes' honor, to help make a child smile, to grant a wish! I am so humbled, it is truly "my honor" in every sense of the word!

You girls have made me so happy, so grateful, so HONORED by doing this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. From me, and Wes, and my family. Maybe a blogpost is not the best way to say it, but I want you to know what a bright spot you have put in my day. How much you have made a difference in not only my day, but someone precious child's too! And you probably don't know this, but Grandmother and Wes would ask all the time about my wish kids by saying "Tell us a wish story!" So I cannot wait to call her this afternoon and tell her this wonderful new "wish story!" And of course, Wes already knows. I love you girls, you are so special to me. XOXO

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is the Life!

This weekend could not have been better! Friday morning I loaded my car with three of my favorite girls (and had another new friend meet us from at the beach from Jackson, MS) and headed to Orange Beach...or specifically Ono Island. When we pulled up to the this house, we had to pick our jaws up off the floor!! Uncle Pat spoiled us rotten and hooked us up with I'm pretty sure the biggest house on the island....we were so intimidated we all stayed together on the same floor, when we could have each had our own!! After we were all finished playing hide in seek in the elevator, media rooms, theater, pool room, bars, bathroom (equipt with tvs of course) and playing with the flatscreen that came out of the footboards....we immediately threw on our suits and spent the rest of the day doing a lot of this!
There wasnt a cloud in the sky all weekend, it couldnt have been more perfect! The pool was over the top, to include this perky lady and the rest of her statue friends shooting water in the pool and hottub.
We made due with our tiny little shack, just the five of us, and spent a lot of time jumping back and forth from the chairs to this ricketly little infinity pool (ha!) it was so dang HOT!
We finally cleaned up a bit and decided to get some dinner, so it was off to Cosmo's, one of my favorite restuarants in Orange Beach. It was absolute torture to tear ourselves away from this place though!
Lisa, my precious friend from Columbus, who is having a baby GIRL soon, and her girlfriend Melissa who came to join us from Mississippi, at dinner.
The next day was the same....nothing but sun and pool, sun then pool...and then Haley and I decided to try out the bay. So we walked down our dock, and turned around to see this view!
After building up the nerve to jump over the little fishies at the end of the pier, we landed safe and sound in the oil free bay, and soaked up the sun in some salty water....the true beach experience.
Then we rounded up the girls, loaded the car and went to the beach. We had to see for ourselves what the news is telling us. And seeing all these boats with your own eyes is truly heartbreaking. I wont lie, I got emotional. I feel like the Gulf Coast is a second home to me, and seeing all the equipment on the sand, and all the boats in the water, all the booms, is a scary site. It's overwhelming.
We did manage some smiles though. Partly because people are still out there, laying in the sun, and in the water (the part protected by the big floating bouy-thingies). I did hear one guy yelling to his son in the water "DON'T DRINK THE WATER, SON!!" I had to kind of laugh.
The sand looks pretty normal, see? But to tell the truth, it's not our bleach white gulf sands. It does have a darker tint, they have been cleaning it daily, and regrading it. I saw no tarballs, and no oily film in the water. But it's there, and it's still coming. And it's devastating. This won't go away in months, and in my guess years. I have a feeling our children will feel the effects of this tragedy. My heart breaks for the gulf coast, and forever I will keep coming, and do all I can to support its community. This weekend it was eat all I can wherever I could, and love the time with my girlfriends.
Next weekend it'll be the same....with JIMMY BUFFETT!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Twins, Wishes, and one Great Dad.

Last weekend was full of events, and started with a quick trip to the ATL to celebrate my precious college roommate Rigsby's good news....she's having TWIN BOYS in October!! So we showered her will love...and lots of good the Capitol City Club on Saturday morning! I cannot wait to meet sweet Rigsby and Woodson in a short few months! Everything turned out perfect, the cupcakes were delicious, the cookie favors were precious, and flowers looked amazing in their carriages!
Rigsby had so many sweet family members and friends there to love on her and Chip, and I know will be such a special part of these precious little boys' lives. You could feel the love in that room! And just look and this cute belly!!
I felt honored to be a part of this special day, with such special people, and cannot WAIT to meet these little rascals!!
Saturday afternoon back in Columbus, I held a Make-A-Wish fundraiser at Chick-fil-A. Despite the threat of bad weather, we had a decent turn out, and raised some money to make wishes come true for our local wish kids!!
This little munchkin is Daniel, who wished to go to Disney World and fly there in an airplane like his daddy does (too cute!). He was such a big help to me, selling stars to people, and then hanging them onthe walls of Chick-fil-a like a pro!
Tanya is another wish-granter in Columbus, who is always ready to help out whenever I call!! Thanks, Tanya!
Chick-fil-a was honoring all "Hometown Heroes" on Saturday in conjunction with our fundraiser, and we had firemen and police, Redcross, US Marshalls, etc out to say THANKS! too....and these cuties were set up right beside me! Broke my heart....NOT! :)
Another precious wish family dear to me, who came out to support us! Lauren (who couldnt come but her family represented her well!) wished to go to Hawaii last year, and we gave her a proper luau send off! Love you Lauren!
Mr. Cow was making his rounds, and wanted to stop and give a shout out to Make-A-Wish!!
On Sunday, I spent precious moments with this guy. My own hero. I might as well throw in the towel, because no man will ever compare to my Dad. Iloveyousomuchicouldpee.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Mama Needed Surprisin'!

Casey and I were MORE than excited when Brian called and said he wanted to do something special....and secretative...for his sweet wife, and our best friend, Leah, for her 30th Birthday! This new mom of twins definitely needs some spoiling, after two months of eating, breathing, sleeping for the two newest additions to the Allen household...and nothing else! So with BA's initiative, we devised a plan!
And last Saturday, we successfully snuck in the front door and shocked the milk...ha! not really...out of the birthday girl! Brian started the clock, and we grabbed some bags and we were out the door, for a quick lunch before checking in at the Battlehouse in Mobile. But FIRST...I had to love on little man Hayes. GOD LOVE THIS FACE.
Oh my, and Mary Miller, does it get any sweeter than this. I think I can speak for Leah when I say, the full night's sleep was good...but it was so good to come back to these angels!!
Ah, massages...just what the doctor ordered. If you havent been to the Battlehouse, go there. Go there now. After being spoiled (or battered and beaten, according to my knotted, stressed out back) with massages, it was off to the rooftop pool for some adult beverages and girl talk. Like all afternoon.
Later it was off to dinner. A precious restaurant called Cortlandt's. Pre-pics outside The Battlehouse. The only time we found it necessary to wear makeup all weekend. :)Ah, dinner. Delish. And after dinner...Cortlandt himself decided to experiment with new beverages with the last table standing (yes, that would be us). Which birthday was it, Leah...30? 21? Does it really matter??
I love these girls, they warm my heart. Like, since the 4th grade. That makes me smile. Even with the mullets and thumb sucking and bubblesuits, ok...and balloon bows. And I'm so happy we could be there to celebrate your birthday with you, Leah. I'm so proud of the mama you are! Oh, and one more thing..."Dontbescared." hehehehe

Sunday, June 13, 2010

You know what they say....

About rain on a wedding day, right? (And I looked this up, so I know it's true...) Well, they say that a wet "knot" is harder to untie. Isnt that perfect?
So I told everyone at my beautiful cousin Lindsey's wedding last weekend just that OVER and OVER as the bottom fell out just minutes before the outdoor ceremony! And Lindsey...well, she stayed cool as a cucumber. She must understand about the wet knot thing. :)
The weekend started with Mama and I hosting a fun bridesmaid luncheon in Birmingham at the Halcyon Day Spa with yummy snacks from Zoe's and a little pampering for the fingers and toes of those precious bridesmaids!
While we were there, these gorgeous flowers arrived for the bride from a super smitten groom we know....Awww....
Lindsey gave her BMs all fun tshirts, flipflips, jewelry, and cute beach bags!
The girls gossiping about wedding day plans!
Mom and me and the beautiful bride-to-be!
Next up....WEDDING DAY!! Daddy and his girls at Rosewood, site of the ceremony (minutes before the rain came, and my hair went up!) at this beautiful old home in Pinson, north of Bham.
After a slight rain delay, drying off seats, and pony tails for us frizzheads :), the ceremony began! And Lindsey could not be more beautiful!
Neither could my Grandmother! It made my heart so happy that she made it, she is the strongest woman I know.
After a lot of singing and dancing the night away, it was time to say farewell to the new couple, and send them off to Mexico! Congrats Adam and Lindsey! I love you both so much!