Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Endings

This is my wish kid, Daniel.  I met him in January of 2009.  Just two months prior he was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL), at 3 years old.  In January, I asked him what his biggest wish in the whole wide world was, which is quite a tall order for a little guy!

That September, we came back to Daniel's, to tell him his wish was our command!  What was it?  "To meet Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh and fly in a plane like my daddy."  So naturally, we had a Disney-themed send-off party for my little man prior to his weeklong Disney trip, and of course he earned his wings as he traveled by air, just like daddy does!
 Daniel and his family have been amazing, a true extension of my own.  Their love of Make-A-Wish didn't end when their son's wish was granted, but have become avid supporters of our foundation to help other wishes like Daniel's.  Here, the summer of '10, he's helping me sell $1.00 stars at a Chick-fil-A fundraiser.
 And this past fall, October '11, he was the star of the show at our Evening of Wishes, as he called out every single door prize to be given away on a real microphone, as his family were guests of honor at our silent aution fundraiser.
Daniel was a regular kid.  With cancer.  He could do anything you can do.  But he could do it with a chemo port, because he's so tough like that.  For the past three years he's gone to school, church, movies.... rode his bike, played t-ball, swam.... laughed, cried, sang, prayed, danced, kissed and hugged..... been a son, a friend, an inspiration, a little boy, and a FIGHTER. 
And guess what?
Today, he's a SURVIVOR.
 In January that chemo port was removed!  And Daniel's doctor declared him "in remission!"  Our God is so GOOD! 
 And these sweet people, who by the way are younger than me (can you imagine going through all of this before your 30th birthday??!), Danny and Kimberly, can breathe, just really breathe, and enjoy life with their now, six, year old son, and count every precious moment as a blessing.
 To celebrate the fact that Daniel KICKED CANCER's BUTT!, the Moseley's hosted a Cancer-Free Celebration Party! at a favorite spot in town, Monkey Joe's!!  They rented the place out, ordered enough pizza for all of Muscogee County, and I believe the last head count was around 150!  That's one heck of a celebration!!
 Daniel, I am so honored to be your friend, and I am so PROUD of you for KICKING CANCER's hiney!!  ;)  I hope now and forever, all your wishes come true!  I am grateful for being a small part of one of them.  Love you bunches, my little tiger.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Too Old to Fill a Vase.

That's what the florist told Jeff this year, at least.  For the last three years, he's sent me the number of roses as to my age.... But this year the florist called him and said she's "She's maxing out at 32!  Next year I'll have to break them up and double-fist vases to bring her 33!"  HA!

This is not a terrible problem to have, and let me say, 32 roses in one monstrous vase, looks like a wedding arrangement!  I could not even move it on my desk!  It was breath-taking!  And they were the most gorgeous yellow, with orangey-red tips....  At times, Jeff surprises me how well he knows me, and remembers things I will say only once.  I have NEVER gotten flowers with baby's breath (ugh) and NEVER received red roses, they have always been some unique color, because I am not ordinary (his words, not mine). 

So, for the record, my birthday started out extremely well, though believe it or not, I was trying to ignore it this year....I know, I know, I'm not looking for a "birthday week" anymore.  Actually, I never have been, yall have always just loved me so much and given me one.

So worked draaaaaaaggggggeeeeeddddd on, and when I finally got home, Jeff opened the door, with his arms full of these.  I think he's found his personal shoppers in town now.  Pursona and The Blue Door Boutique have just made his life (and mine!) so much easier! 
 I even got a little Bday shout out from the girls at TBD, and if you out-of-towners are wondering (Virginia!), how nice they are's your answer.

So next up, Jeffrey and I got cleaned up for dinner, which ended up being a bit of an adventure, I'll spare you the details... 

But J put every effort into it, I know, as he always does.  And regardless of any and everything that could possbly go wrong (like the location, menu, atmosphere, hehe) .... my date always makes me feel like I'm the only one in the room. 

Saturday night Jeff cooked for me, and this, so you know, is my kind of date night.  Jeff, had salmon on the grill, and king crab legs in a huge pot boiling, and my only job was to sit and keep him company! 

After a very relaxing weekend, the celebration didnt quite stop yet either!  My two precious friends Brandi and Lisa took me to a wonderful dinner at The Black Cow, where I would have used any excuse, be it a bday, or promotion, GNO, or just 'cause it's Wednesday!, reason to eat dinner with these two!  They are my go-to for everything!  And in true Brandi-Lisa fashion, they suprise me with prizes (OWL prizes of course!) and these yummy cupcakes to end the night with! 
Now, I happen to be a near-Valentine's baby...only four days shy.  This sucks for Jeff, because I'm a sucker for holidays.  He gets Easter baskets, and Valentines gifts, and cards for every season of the year.  And to-date, he plays along very nicely with this.  Don't get me wrong, he may know I hate baby's breath, but he completely forgets when we have a trip scheduled, or something much more significant.  Again:  Jeff = guy.  I don't even expect things for Valentines considering the proximity to my bday, though cards (with his words, not Hallmarks) make me swoon (which too, is rare).  So when THESE were delivered, I was totally floored!
I just knew he could be a good boyfriend when he wants to!  And that's what a call a birthday week!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Begins!

This weekend started in Atlanta with my OOC girls as we sprinkled 61 and Baby Carter and had some much needed, and oh so fun, girl time! 
This next 6 weeks cannot go by fast enough (I'm sure 61 feels the same way!!) until baby Carter arrives and I can love on her sweet cheeks!

We also went to an early birthday dinner for Rigsby, and got to spend time with her precious twin boys Woodson and Rigsby, who I havent seen since they were tiny!  Now they are certainly on the move!!  I'm bummed to report I never got the camera out when I got to met baby Libby, Anna Kate's newest addition, who is simply delicious!!

When I got home, Jeff told me wings were for dinner and he had a house full of hungry clowns, if I was interested in joining them.  And even wings and teenagers don't scare me.

After dinner, we convinced daddy to build a fort for the evening's sleeping quarters for Emmy and her cousin, Amy.....and that's pretty much where we spent the rest of the evening.  Well, except Kyle, who's 16 now, and a little too cool for our fort (hence the peace sign).

 Jeff, who's fighting a major cold, lasted .5 seconds in the fort before passing out.  That left the girls and me only only one option to do to daddies who fall asleep in their forts....(I convinced them to lay off the bowl of cold water, they did have to sleep there after all.)
 So we pulled out the markers and opened Robinson Ink.
I believe the smerk from Jeff was after he cracked an eye and realized what had that point, there was no turning back.  Emmy is t.r.o.u.b.l.e and I was loving it!
 When Jeff sufficiently looked like a walking box of Crayola, we ventured into the kitchen and started a late night cooking project.  They were wide awake, I had convinced them to NOT to dye my hair blue (at least for now), and that making frozen popsicle muffins was a much more normal idea.  There were no popsicles for snacking (or popsickle tins for that matter), so we improvised, mixed our own flavors, and wa-laah! 
It was a great weekend, with old friends and babies, forts and wings, Jeffrey and the clowns.  What a way to kick of February!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Birthday Boy

I like this guy for a lot of reasons.  This weekend I celebrated him in as many ways, some embarrassing, some sweet, that I could think of, because it was his birthday.  And on birthdays, if you know me at all, it's ALL ABOUT YOU!

For that reason, he got to go hunting all day, and practically all night Friday night, leaving me pacing the floor for him to get home....with streamers and balloons and presents and cards waiting to greet him.  Though I grew up a hunter's daughter, I'll never like how it takes all my winter weekends away when all I want to do is snuggle and watch tv on lazy, cold Saturdays. 
Anyway....he arrives.  He, wades through balloons, showers, and we grab a late dinner.  We wrap up dinner with birthday drinks, and by the end of the night, the band serinades him with "Happy Birthday to You" to the guy who said he was 39 and holding....  To which the lead singer said "Honey, it's a good thing you're wearing those cowboy boots, 'cause it's sure getting deep in here!"  ha! 
Saturday night we meet up with friends and family for round #2 of birthday celebrating.  I believe he is still 39 and holding in this picture.
His little brother Adam, and wife Jennifer, joined us, because Adam just had a birthday too this week.  They're not but 360 days apart, and more like twins, if you ask me.  If you ask Adam, he's also 39 and holding....
Of course these boys got a camoflauge cake, what else?
See what I mean about the twin thing?  And clearly brunettes are their vice!  ;)
After dinner we headed to the bowling alley, and met up with "our lake friends" Rich and Chrissie, who had been on a little date night themselves.
The boys proceeded with what became a very intense (and rediculously long) bowling tourney.....  And I was so happy everyone was having a blast!
By the end of the night, Adam definitely had his groove down!
And I'd say these boys had a good birthday together!
Sunday was a total disaster, so lets just say we put the celebration on pause....  There were uninvited guests that crashed the party....namely, a plunger, then Roto Rooter, then Home Depot, then Columbus Water Works, then a rat.  Then my checkbook.  Need any more details?  Didnt think so.

So Monday was Jeff's actual birthday!  Amazing how someone can go from 39 and holding to 42 overnight right?  I love every single grey hair, every winkle and laugh line, and every pop of the knee, every freckle.  I love every bit of what the past 41 years have done to you, Jeff, because they brought you to me.  I look forward to your 42nd year, and then I look forward to 42 more with you.

Roscoe loves Jeff like I do.  So much so, he pulled me aside and said "Mama, I'd really like to get Dad something nice.  I don't want to sound conceited, but how 'bout a picture of myself.  Yall are always looking at me funny and stuff." 

So I went along with, because we love this rescue hound to pieces.  He has more personality than the two of us, most of the time.  And let's face it, we do look at him and laugh, so why not hang him up.  So I found, an amazing artist, and wa-lah....

And as required, Jeff had his pick of all the dinners in the land.  He of course chose two things I've never made in my LIFE.  Steak marsala and creme brulee for dessert.  Both of which I medaled in of course.  Jeffrey ate on the Special Plate, because after all, today, he was very very special.
Happy Birthday, Jeff.  Thanks for making memories with me.