Thursday, January 27, 2011

His Brother Turned 40.

Jeff's brother Adam is 360 days younger than him, not even a year. (Oops.) This made them much more than brothers growing up, but best friends. And to this day, still are. I love hearing stories about he, Adam, and baby brother Stan (mom and dad were much more careful third time around!) and the trouble they'd get into on the farm! Adam's wife Jennifer (hold your comments, I am aware things could get tricky here, Jeff's Jenn, Adam's Jennifer, HAHA, blah, blah, blah....:) gave her hubby a surprise party at where else, the PARTY HOUSE, last weekend, and it was too fun! I went over early to help the Mrs. R, and Stan's wife set up, and before too long cousin Jackie was bringing in the BBQ he'd been slaving over all day....Heaven help us.
And then the guests started arriving....Hell-o, cute thang.
Everyone was anxious for Adam and Jennifer to get there...praying he hadn't figured it out yet! Cousins and brothers and friends and, well everyone!, had come from all over to yell SURPRISE!
Here's Jeff's baby girl Emmy, J and his nephews Preston and Garrett, and cousin, umm, ..."blondie" (sorry, forgot your name??!!))
Miss Rani was very excited to see her daddy and sing Happy Birthday to him!! How cute is she!?!
They finally pulled up, with Jennifer driving Adam's big ol' truck, which was funny enough :), and to see him staggering up the sidewalk blindfolded had me nearly doubled over laughing. I'm so glad she was able to pull this off!! I think she told him before they went to dinner there was something at the barn, an early birthday gift, she wanted to give him....but he had to be blindholded. SUCKER!
Spontaneously, someone in the back started singing Happy Birthday, and everyone joined in before he could even get in the door! It was too cute!
But as soon as he did you know Mama was there to hug her boy.
The crowd soon made plates of BBQ and homemade banana pudding, mmmm, and settled in around the fire.
But as soon as I could round up my guy, and the rest of the Robinson boys, I started snapping. This is rare, this is very rare. Mr. R does NOT like a camera (can you tell?) and apparently neither does baby bro Stan. But all of them are so darn cute, and this was rare to have them all cornered that I had to start snapping FAST, and not worry about ISO, or f/stop or depth of field or any of that. Just take it already (I think one of them actually said that too....)
Love these two.
Later in the evening the band started playing outside while everyone bear-hugged around the firepit. This guy's a Robinson, and can sing pretty much anything! He's in a band I forgot the name of, and plays around town a lot. Word on the street is they even opened for David Allan Coe!
Back inside where there was central heating (BRRRR), Adam opened a few gifts. Like a giant sucker that said "40 SUCKS!" haha
And when you own a construction company, you have to have a lovely orange safety vest right? Apparently when your FORTY they come with their own logos...hehe
I had a great time getting to know a lot of new friends and family of Jeff's, and spending time with the ones I already knew. The more I get to know these people, the more at home I feel. They have welcomed me with open arms, and I know that that honestly could not have been easy after knowing someone else for so long. I am grateful for their support, and most grateful for this guy below.
For the next few days we will enjoy the last year of being '40 and Sporty,' because this guy has a birthday on Sunday. I told him we can do whatever he wants this weekend. I have a feeling that will involve me cooking the staples: meatloaf, enchilladas, and a pie for sure (not all the same meal!), and probably a little skeet shootin', Kubota cruisin'....who knows....I may even put some dancin' shoes on!
Anyway.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Adam!! And Happy Birthday to Jeffrey!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner with Friends...Plus a Petting Zoo

Recently the Hetts, who I love to pieces, came to the farm for dinner....but we had a fun afternoon planned first! Brandi and Capp brought their precious son, Cale, out too....who had been told all afternoon about the cows, among other animals, that was waiting for him! So when they arrived we jumped straight on the Kubota! (Correction: Brandi and I hopped in the truck and followed the boys on the Kubota...)
First stop was the barn, where a mama had just given birth a few days ago to twins, which is super rare, so they're here to be watched for a while. Jeff scooped one of the babies up and we all got to pet her! We saw all the chickens and goats and sheep here too, but they're a little to fast for even Jeff to catch I think!
Next up, Brandi taught Cale how to drive a tractor. Okay, maybe not exactly...but she supervised his button-pushing until he found the lock button on the door! We decided to move on at that point!
Next up was good ol' Frank....
I've learned I can get him every time with stale bread. And apparently, so can Brandi. :)
We hit the fields next, right smack in the middle of a bunch of cows, which apparently made the Cale man happy, or silly. Either way, I could eat this little face up!
I think Capp took a few minutes to access all the cow patties and debated whether or not to put the wild man down or not!
I love you, friend! More than all the cow patties at Robinson Farms! (people...that's a LOT!)
With a few leftover pieces of bread, I decided to try my luck with the cows....and one girl took the bait!

With that we loaded up and headed back to the house, and fed the ducks right behind the house. (Georgia ducks, not Oregan ducks...) We jumped on the trampoline for a while, and then washed our hands seventeen times!

We let the beef stay in the fields this time, :) and cooked a delicious dinner of grilled bacon-wrapped scallops, salmon, and tuna.... And after all this fun Buzz Lightyear was some kinda tired! So the baby-whisperer rocked him to sleep by the fire, while Brandi, Capp and I tried out my very first poundcake! (which wasn't half bad!)

I look forward to the next petting zoo/dinner date with yall, we had so much fun! And I know everyone sleep good that night for sure!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A BCS Holiday...or Weather Day, Whatever...

Last Sunday night I came home from Mobile, and the pups and I "buttoned up" on the farm at Jeff's request....we were in for a winter storm that night...2 to 3 inches of ice they predicted, and a little snow. And Captain Safety wanted us there where he had chopped down approximately 19 trees in case we lost power, and where there's actually food in there refrigerator....go figure.
Monday morning he had go to work, because though there wasn't any paving going on, with all the ice everywhere, there certainly would be traffic control issues, especially on his roadwork job sites, so off he went. I of course, stayed in my cacoon.
We definitely did get ice, and every school, doctor, and government agency in a 200 mile radius closed. We just got dusted with snow. Ice was a MAJOR problem in our area, and because the temps never got above freezing for days, it seemed to stay. In fact, he still had snow on the farm in the shady areas this Sun (Jan 16th).
I bundled up enough to fight the rediculous, and I mean REDICULOUS winds out there to take the opportunity to use my new camera and take some pictures....for about 5 minutes. And then go inside and beg him to come home and start a fire.
This poor flag had frozen in place, in a permanent wave, with icicles hanging from it.
You know it's icy when the the dadgum pine needles are frozen solid!!
The poor palms by the pool nearly fell to the ground with the weight of the ice! It took several days, but they've perked back up finally. From the back porch, it looks like all you can see for miles is snow and ice. I'm not even sure where the cows are. I'm sure they're all in a huddle under the trees. Poor burgers, uh, buddies.
Here is our tiny pile of firewood, I don't know how we'll ever get by.... And three dogs who did NOT love the ice.
Poor Roscoe (if you could see his eyes) would be giving me a dirty look about now saying "Get that D#$% camera out my face, and let me inside, woman!"
But I didn't. Instead, I went inside, and let Jeff talk me through making this roaring fire while he was at the office, so I wouldn't burn his house down. Then he came home early, we made some game day chilli and put all the orange we could find in the house on our bodies.
And of course made some gameday toddies. Afterall, it was a special occasion. My office has canceled work all day because MY TIGERS were playing for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. And for a little iciness, I guess, whatever.So with that, they flipped the coin.....
Gene made some heartfelt promises, very reserved and optimistic....
And then we played the game of our lifetime! My lifetime at least! My phone was going crazy, with friends who were there, at home, and I was nearly in tears the whole time. I was definitely hoarse by the end of the game, my stress level was through the roof! Jeff and I were jumping and yelling and high fiving, and kissing and hugging, and coaching of was intense! But I am so very proud to be an Auburn Tiger! I would have been just as proud had they not won, but I am so thankful to experience this moment!
Tuesday through Friday I wore ALL ORANGE to work. Because apparently, ALL I DO IS WIN!

Monday, January 17, 2011

My sister lives in LA!

As in Lower Alabama! And is already in love with it! So last weekend I made a quick trip to Spanish Fort to check out her precious new apartment, do some furniture shopping, and hear all about her first week of work! I can tell she is already affecting children's lives in such a powerful way with her Music Therapy, I wish I could just walk one day in her shoes.
So, with that the weekend: ....which unfortunately was poorly documented due to the fact we were running constantly. When I arrived Friday night I was greeted by this cute munchkin (who she finally named Bentley) and I quickly scooped him up as he whispered to me how much he loved and missed me and would never forget who loved him first. :)
Saturday we shopped til we dropped, and Mama and Daddy came in with a truck load of dining room furniture to set up too. Jessie and I snuck out for a bit and got to visit with one of my favorite people in the world. We played with Leah and I tried to steal the twins as usual, but I settled for putting Hayes down for an overdue nap, and stealing as many kisses from Mary Miller as possible. Sadly, my camera died just as this picture was taken, so no more of my blue eyed baby. :(
Next, dinner at The Original Oyster House....ah, shrimp and grits, how I love thee. Later that night Jessie and I began to put this MASSIVE bookshelf together we bought at World Market. And things got a little silly, clearly. I TOLD her to move....but obviously she didn't.
She also, unfortunately for me, did NOT grasp the concept of an Alan wrench, you know, the little baby wrench that comes with the million little screws? So it turned in to Jennifer putting the shelf together. Here's your alan wrench Jessie, for memory sake. I may not can carry a tune, but I'm very handy.
By Sunday at lunch Jeffro was calling to tell me to hit the road with threats of a "winter storm warning" heading our way. I believe his words were "I'm going to cut some 'green wood' down for fire and we'll 'button up' out here for the storm." I assumed buttonin' up was like hunkering down?
More on our BCS National Holiday (er, snow day) later. It was a good weekend, but of course never long enough. I can't wait to get back to LA and see you soon, seester! LOVE YOU!

Friday, January 14, 2011


This is my 100th post. When I started this little ol' blog, it was under the pressure of my dear college roommates. They all had theirs, of which I stalked frequently, and because we all live far from each other now, it seems the best way to keep up with each other. I figured it was be a good outlet for me to the world, to my friends, my family, and if necessary, to vent. I had no idea I would make it two years without losing interest in yet another project. :) So in honor of my 100th post, here are 100 things you never wanted to know about me. Just in case this little blog does indeed one day lose its helium. Feel free to move on to Facebook at any time. ;) 1. As I start this, I'm laughing, because of course I'm doing a list. I'm OCD like this. I have To-List pads all over my house, purse, and office. Mostly with owls on them. 2. I am mostly 5 minutes late wherever I go, except church. 3. My parents always told me I was going to be a leader since my mama toe is longer than my daddy toe. Can anyone tell me if this is just a rumor? I have a major complex about this still. 4. I love being in love. 5. I have the best friends in the world. 6. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be on a lake in rustic little cabin with windows all the way around it. But very well decorated. ;) 7. When I was about 5, I ran over my own leg on my bike. My parents wouldn't believe me until I showed them the tread marks on my calf. I'm talented like that. 8. People who make me laugh are by far the most attractive in my book. 9. Reese cups and diet coke could sustain me for about a week I'm pretty sure. 10. Other than that I do not care for chocolate. Period. 11. I have migraines that are completely debilitating. My best friend Leah, also my freshman roommate at AU, would lay in the top bunk with me and make sure I wouldn't fall out as I cried myself to sleep. She's a GOLD friend. 12. You know, like the Girl Scout song....Make new friends but keep the oooold. One is silver and the others gold.... I have so many silver and gold friends. They mean the world to me. 13. Do-si-do girl scout cookies are my dream come true. 14. Scary movies are my favorite! 15. My dog Wilson was named after the volleyball on Castaway, because he was such a good buddy to Tom Hanks while stranded. 16. My other dog was just named Tucker because I like it, aka T-bird. Sometimes I call him Eoyore (from Winnie the Pooh) because of his 'tude. 17. I have kept emails and cards from friends I now am fuzzy on the reasons/details about, but the words they have written me are priceless. 18. I am not a sugary cereal eater. Not even as a kid. Cheerios are ok by me. 19. But if you want to bring me breakfast, I want that cinnamon bagel with the honey walnut cream cheese spread from Panera that Ginny Grimes introduced me to at the beach. Pure heaven. 20. I'm looking at a candy bowl of dumdums on my desk right now. Not a fan. And this is wise. I would NEVER put Reeses out in my office. 21. If I'm going shopping it's most likely for shoes. I have an addiction. And strangely, I have a lot of heels, says the person who wears boots to work. 22. Bo Jackson hangs in my office, in his "Goal Line Drive" from '82. Bo knows football. 23. I have been skydiving, and loved every minute of it. The worst part for me was waddling like a duck out of the plane. It's unattractive. 24. I have never been a morning person, but would rather stay up until the wee hours. Strangely I find this changing in my old age. 25. Sapphires are my favorite. Paired with diamonds of course. 26. I stay glued to the Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, TLC, and Animal Planet. The only network shows I watch are Greys Anatomy these days. 27. I believe 100% in miracles. My mother is one. Ask me one day, and I'll tell you her story. 28. I was born in Montgomery, AL. 29. My great-grandparents were immigrants from Italy, and came to America through Ellis Island, NY. Their last name was Nicomedes, but at Ellis Island it was changed to Nicometo because frankly, they didn't care how my family spelled it. 30. Crab cakes and fried green tomatoes are two of my favorite things in the world. 31. My favorite weekend of the year is OOC Weekend, my college roomie reunion! 32. I am O Positive, and for that reason I give blood every two months. 33. I went on a mission trip to Bolivia when I was 22 with my Dad, and was changed in so many wonderful ways. 34. My hot pink hard hat gets more respect on jobsites than you'd think. I assume its because guys just don't know what to think of me. 35. Of the 8 or so math courses I took at Auburn, my favorite was Differential Equations. Gives me chills. 36. So with that, I'll say, I'm proud to be a nerd. I suppose its better than a dork. 37. Did anyone know I like owls? 38. I am quite content in blue jeans, as long as I can wear some good earrings, and my boots. 39. I love to be spoiled, I'm just saying. But I want to spoil someone just as much. 40. I once got a ticket for speeding....after the cop found me....tucked behind the rest area in a parking lot. I suppose it could've been evading??...but I did have to potty, promise. 41. I love making wishes come true! 42. I have a hard time forgetting past mistakes. I want to get better about this. 43. I am brutally honest. 44. Gone With the Wind is my all time favorite movie. 45. I want "Betty Davis Eyes." 46. I wish some moments could be bottled up like perfume and sprayed on later to take happy whiffs of throughout the days. Others, I wish could be erased. 47. I miss Napster. 48. Flying roaches scare me tremendously. 49. Because my sister is blonde, I would hide her baby pictures and tell her she's adopted. She actually probably wishes she was sometimes! 50. I cry when I'm happy and sad, angry or hurt. If you know me well, you can tell the difference in these cries. 51. I have my Golden Girl boots in my closet, and will gladly show you a little snippet of our routine from the football field. My kicks were very high, no guarentees on that now, but it still makes me smile to remember dancing. 52. It has never been more great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!! 53. I have a SECRET security clearance for my job with the Federal Government. It took 23 references to clear me for it and almost a year. 54. I do not like coffee. Actually, never tried it. 55. My favorite veggies are squash and okra, hands down, any way you want to cook it for me. 56. I blame my girlfriend Rigsby for my addiction to medicated chapstick. I cannot live without it! 57. I will eat any fish all day long. 58. I became a sushi eater last year and have loved it all! 59. I always need at least a foot on you if I'm laying next to you. It must be a security thing. 60. I'm a snuggler. (I'd prefer more than a foot) 61. I sleep with a shotgun under the bed and 38 special in the nightstand. Make my day. 62. I am constantly thinking about something I want to redecorate. 63. One of my biggest flaws is lack of patience, which is something I am constantly working on. 64. I love to host parties, and I will use any escuse in the world to throw one. 65. This really might have been the dumbest idea I've ever had. I am boring myself..... 66. I had said a lot of things to a lot of people I wish I could take back. 67. Deja vu happens to me a lot. Does that mean I've really dreamed about that moment prior to? That's just so strange to me. 68. My hair was straight as a board until I hit puberty in high school. What's up with that? 69. I was divorced in 2008, after 4 years of being married. 70. Part of my marriage was really really great, other parts were not. 71. It took a long time for me to forgive myself for failing. 72. I wish I had a crystal ball. I don't want details, but I'd like an overview of my future. 73. My dad tears up when he tells me or my sister how proud of us he is. I hope I can keep it up. 74. My mom is the most cheerful person in the world. This can be both frightening and overwhelming if you dont know her. But I do, therefore, it's just hereditary. :) 75. I used to sing in a band called "Intertwined" in high school. A church band. We toured, even to New Orleans once. This is not a joke. 76. Strangely, I believe my mic always got "accidently" turned off. I was however, the comic relief on all the bus rides. 77. I have been out of the country to Italy, Greece, Turkey, and cruised the Southern Carribean. 78. I broke my tailbone at 18 on Chimney Rock at Lake Martin. 79. I broke my arm at 6 riding my neighbor's bike that was too small for me. 80. I've broken pretty much all my fingers playing volleyball in high school. I was the setter. 81. I've ridden in a BlackHawk helicopter. 82. I have very little patience for things, but all the time in the world for the people I love. 83. I love the smell of babies, puppy breath, vanilla, and rain. 84. I love the sound of thunder, a good gut laugh, my sister singing, the AU Marching Band taking the field, and Jeff saying my name. 85. I love the feel of warm towels from the dryer, feet on feet, the hot sun, and someone playing with my hair. 86. My favorite flowers are hydrandreas. 87. I cannot wait to take a photography class and learn more about taking really good pictures! 88. Do not like rude people, but know I am one sometimes. 89. I have a short temper, and have tried very hard this past year to work on this. 90. I majored in Civil Engineering, but always wanted to be a Veterinarian. 91. I make up motions and do "interpretive dancing" to songs as I belt them out at the top of my lungs. Personal favorites are ZZTop's "She's Got Legs" and Tone Loc's "Funky Comadina". 92. I could of course tone it down a bit with Patrick Swayze's "She Like the Wind"..... 93. I love to go to antique shops and flea markets, your junk may be my treasure with some elbow grease and love! 94. I sneeze little bitty sneezes, and several times in a row. I always say it's the only dainty thing about me. 95. I can tell you the difference in the male and female blue crab. This is from years of throwing crab traps over our boat with my dad in the bayou in Freeport, FL. 96. I hope my home will be full of character and personality, love and warmth when viewed from the outside in, if I ever have a complete project! 97. I am left handed in every possible way, but wear my watch on my left wrist like all right handed people do...because I thought when I was younger I would really stand out as strange if it were on my right wrist. It was a major complex for me, clearly. 98. I am at times, quite moody, obnoxious, over-sensitive, stubborn, lazy, obsessive, and needy. 99. I am also funny, optimistic, helpful, generous, independent, smart, creative, loving, practical, and kind. I hope. 100. My name is Jennifer, and if anyone is still out there (tap, tap) I'm finally, finally signing off. There is absolutely nothing else I even care to know about me. Cheers to 100 posts.