Friday, July 24, 2009

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Oh, and makes wishes come true??
Meet Jake. Jake loves Spongebob Squarepants. And all things Nickelodeon for that matter.
Which means when he beat a nasty brain tumor and the Make A Wish Foundation asked him what his biggest wish in the whole wide world was....this cute kid said he wanted to go on the Nikelodeon cruise and meet Spongebob Squarepants and his friends!!
So before Jake and his family head on their Mexican cruise to get SLIMED this weekend we had to send them off in style with a Spongebob party! And since SB lives in a pineapple under the sea, of course we had pineapple juice, with pineapple wedges on our glasses-delish! And all of Jakes favorite fruit! And of course his favorite - chocolate chip cookies!
And what's a party without a great cake. Another great contributor to Make-A-Wish is Publix. They put extra special care into decorating our wish cakes, and Jake's cake was no exception! They personalized it with a special note that said "Jake, Dreams do come true!"
But don't worry, that Spongebob only lasted for a few flashes of the camera....until little man's hands were reaching in, and his face was buried in icing, as he found it necessary to clean him off to take home! It was too funny!
After devouring Spongebob, and just a few cookies, someone spied a gift bag with his name on it....and when those eyes look at you and say "Can I open my pwesent now?" believe me, people, there is NO resisting." So tissue paper went to flying. And you will never see a more grateful child. He loved everything. Big and small.
Never seen a kid get so excited about a t-shirt, but Jake did. And it was his favorite color-blue!
And how about a very cool collector's Make-A-Wish Hot Wheels car-Cool!
And (though the picture's not good with the glare) and cool painting of a pirate ship with a quote that says "Be who you ARGHHHHH!" Jake said "How did you know I love pirates?!?!" I could eat him slap up.
Jake and his brothers ran around the awesome new Soldiers Park we just finished up at Ft. Benning, (his father is a soldier here) and managed to hold him down long enough for a picture or two.
Haley, Jake, and me illegally sitting on the fountain (after the cops busted us for climbing on it already! ha!)
Precious fam shot
This little man, I just cant get enough of him. It was hard saying goodbye after the party was over. He asked if we could have a pajama party that night, and gosh, I really wanted to! He keeps me laughing more than I have in so long! Sometimes it's hard not genuinely becoming attached to these families. You create such bonds, and feel like part of the family. I look forward to them getting back from the cruise so we can get together to see pictures and hear stories, I have no doubt Jake is going to be the life of the party.....just look at that stinker.
**for more pictures of Jake's big party click here!

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  1. This party is too cool! I wish I was there. He looks like a really nice kid.