Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to the World!

The newest OOC'er was born Friday, Jan 16th to Felix and Tara Verdigets! Happy Birthday Blair Elizabeth! You are absolutely perfect in every way! I cannot wait to kiss those chubby cheeks!! You join a simply fabulous second generation of rockstars....meet your future roomies, boyfriend, and friends for life! There's Miss Katherine Lee Crowe....the latest addition, I have a feeling you girls are going to be nothing but trouble together! Your moms will have yall in matching searsucker and monogrammed jumpers til you beg for mercy. And William Hunter Grimes....look out now, this little man will steal your heart!
And Miss Catherine Harper McClendon....another angel in our bunch. You're gonna love her too. She's be dancing away with her big sis in a "bop line" anxiously waiting for you!
And our first addition ever...Miss Priss herself, Elizabeth Towns McClendon. Or TT Junior. She will keep all you little ducklings (and our future ducklings) in line.


  1. Love the 2nd generation of rockstars post...very clever! Wish I'd thought of it!! :)

  2. Super cute post! One update to make...Katherine's middle name is Lee:)

  3. Such a cute post!!! Welcome to the blog world, I did not know you had one too. Hope everything is good in the new house!!!

  4. What a sweet post Jenn!! Beautiful babies if I do say so myself.