Monday, January 26, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSIE!! (Or for the unfamiliar, my kid sis, Jessica Simpson). She will kill me for this picture, but I simply love it, I made her pose for it, surrounded by all her flowers after her Senior Recital in Dec '07 at Auburn from the School of Music. God love her, she could sing that other "Jessica Simpson" under the table!
I love birthdays! I just cannot tell you how much. In fact, I would assume they be birthweeks instead. I think 24 hours are just not enough. In college, my roomies would count down the clock until that official midnight hour and bombard the lucky birthday girl in her bed....dousing her with confetti and the every popular "party panties." (which were a lovely pair of hand decorated undies picked up at the local Supercenter that I believe all 8 of us could fit in!) Not sure the significance in the PPs, but good gracious they were funny, and I know when I finally moved out of the McKee House I was still finding confetti in my bedrails! Man, I love birthdays!!
So today my beautiful, talented, brilliant, motivated sister is the ripe old age of 24. And is in her second semester of graduate school at FSU to become a music therapist. I am so very proud of her and the young lady she's become, she surprises me more every day. I cannot wait to see the amazing things she does with her career, I am learning so much about it, and she's such an inspiration to truly do something you love!
So here's to you, Jessie Messie (hehe), I love you tons! Love, Jenn Jenn
(Normal pics now of Jessie standing upright so she will still claim me as her sister....)
Now another weekend event in our family...My fabulous parents celebrated their 33rd year together. He-llo. What a blessing! They're just fabulous! I can't tell them enough. I want love like that. They are my inspiration. They have been there for me and loved me like only a parent could, I am so thankful to have shared 29 of the last 33 years with you! I love you, Mom and Dad. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!


  1. That picture of Jessie is great but she is doing to die when she sees that on your blog!!
    Had fun this past weekend. Hope you are liking the color of the office better! Love love

  2. Oh Oh Oh....please tell your Mom and Dad I said Happy Anniversary....WOW, 33 years...impressive! And to that lovely little sister of yours...the REAL DEAL Jessica Simpson, that I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY....and don't call and ask me to sing it...I would be embarrassed beyond belief for the music major to hear my horrid pitch. :)