Friday, March 5, 2010

My Mom.

To mama on her special day I send her hugs and kisses I hope you are surrounded with Lots of love and birthday wishes!
You're the best for late night talks, You're an awesome secret keeper. With each new story that you share My love for you grows deeper.
You're my bestie, my support, You're my teacher, and my friend. I love you more than my luggage! Clarie says, and so do I, until the very end!
It's funny as the years go by I realize more and more In my mirror I see my mom And it warms me to my core.
"Oh, you remind me of your mother!" People smile and say to me And it’s a badge I wear with honor…. A Lil' Debbie I'm gonna be!
Happy Birthday, Mama!!! I love you more than you know!!

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