Monday, March 22, 2010

Correction: NOW the patient is better....

So I might have posted prematurely last week, because after Mama's surgery came a lovely case of pancreatitis....doctors told us there was a small chance she might get it, like 6-7%. She obviously is not someone I'm inviting on my next trip to Vegas....I don't like her odds.... Basically, she got a nasty infection in her pancreas, keeping her in the hospital through Friday (instead of Tuesday) and back on an IV only.
But there was never a lack of company, she wasn't alone for a single second! Which I'm actually not sure if she loved or not to be honest..... But she did learn to perfect the poor, pitiful face.... When I downloaded this picture I laughed out loud!! Mama, you're priceless!
When Friday came, her final meal was what we've all been waiting on...SOLIDS!! Well, the hospital's version of it anyway. Some rice, and mystery meat, and even a piece of very stale pound cake! I wish the lighting was better in this picture because after her blessing she gave me the slyest (devilish-I should say!) grin and wink I've ever seen!

After lunch on Friday, it was time to pack up nine days worth of stuff. We had hung all her cards from friends and family, and her 2nd grade students, around the room, and there seemed to be beautiful flowers everywhere!

I wish I had taken pictures of all Mama's cards, they made us laugh so hard. We re-read them everyday. Her children are so precious!

I am not exactly sure why Mom is pushing her own cart here....I promise the nurse took over at the doorway!

The patient is now home resting, and taking it easy. She has one more week out of school, doctor's orders, which is going to drive her nuts for sure, but we need our mama all better. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers, from my whole family! You made our livers quiver! :)


I came home on Sunday, back to the real world, and finished putting up my Easter decorations, better late than never! (And go ahead, those friends, who like to make fun on me for decorating for know who you are. Yes, I have an Easter tree and proud of it!!) AK--I know you wont laugh, you love Easter as much as I do!

Happy Spring, and Happy Easter yall!! And here's to good health and happy livers! :)


  1. Jennifer-
    Glad to know your mom is home and doing much better!

  2. So happy your Mom is doing better! And yes, of course I have all of my Easter out, there's nothing like a good egg tree :) I think I may need to go to therapy though, this year I decorated K's room and bathroom, HA!!

  3. So, so glad to know that your mom is better! Love your Easter decorations, love your mama and love you!!