Sunday, June 13, 2010

You know what they say....

About rain on a wedding day, right? (And I looked this up, so I know it's true...) Well, they say that a wet "knot" is harder to untie. Isnt that perfect?
So I told everyone at my beautiful cousin Lindsey's wedding last weekend just that OVER and OVER as the bottom fell out just minutes before the outdoor ceremony! And Lindsey...well, she stayed cool as a cucumber. She must understand about the wet knot thing. :)
The weekend started with Mama and I hosting a fun bridesmaid luncheon in Birmingham at the Halcyon Day Spa with yummy snacks from Zoe's and a little pampering for the fingers and toes of those precious bridesmaids!
While we were there, these gorgeous flowers arrived for the bride from a super smitten groom we know....Awww....
Lindsey gave her BMs all fun tshirts, flipflips, jewelry, and cute beach bags!
The girls gossiping about wedding day plans!
Mom and me and the beautiful bride-to-be!
Next up....WEDDING DAY!! Daddy and his girls at Rosewood, site of the ceremony (minutes before the rain came, and my hair went up!) at this beautiful old home in Pinson, north of Bham.
After a slight rain delay, drying off seats, and pony tails for us frizzheads :), the ceremony began! And Lindsey could not be more beautiful!
Neither could my Grandmother! It made my heart so happy that she made it, she is the strongest woman I know.
After a lot of singing and dancing the night away, it was time to say farewell to the new couple, and send them off to Mexico! Congrats Adam and Lindsey! I love you both so much!

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