Monday, June 21, 2010

Twins, Wishes, and one Great Dad.

Last weekend was full of events, and started with a quick trip to the ATL to celebrate my precious college roommate Rigsby's good news....she's having TWIN BOYS in October!! So we showered her will love...and lots of good the Capitol City Club on Saturday morning! I cannot wait to meet sweet Rigsby and Woodson in a short few months! Everything turned out perfect, the cupcakes were delicious, the cookie favors were precious, and flowers looked amazing in their carriages!
Rigsby had so many sweet family members and friends there to love on her and Chip, and I know will be such a special part of these precious little boys' lives. You could feel the love in that room! And just look and this cute belly!!
I felt honored to be a part of this special day, with such special people, and cannot WAIT to meet these little rascals!!
Saturday afternoon back in Columbus, I held a Make-A-Wish fundraiser at Chick-fil-A. Despite the threat of bad weather, we had a decent turn out, and raised some money to make wishes come true for our local wish kids!!
This little munchkin is Daniel, who wished to go to Disney World and fly there in an airplane like his daddy does (too cute!). He was such a big help to me, selling stars to people, and then hanging them onthe walls of Chick-fil-a like a pro!
Tanya is another wish-granter in Columbus, who is always ready to help out whenever I call!! Thanks, Tanya!
Chick-fil-a was honoring all "Hometown Heroes" on Saturday in conjunction with our fundraiser, and we had firemen and police, Redcross, US Marshalls, etc out to say THANKS! too....and these cuties were set up right beside me! Broke my heart....NOT! :)
Another precious wish family dear to me, who came out to support us! Lauren (who couldnt come but her family represented her well!) wished to go to Hawaii last year, and we gave her a proper luau send off! Love you Lauren!
Mr. Cow was making his rounds, and wanted to stop and give a shout out to Make-A-Wish!!
On Sunday, I spent precious moments with this guy. My own hero. I might as well throw in the towel, because no man will ever compare to my Dad. Iloveyousomuchicouldpee.

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