Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Country, The River, and Family

Friday evening after work started the weekend off right. Steaks. Bacon wrapped scallops. Aspargus and squash. All on the grill. All in this beautiful backyard with some great friends.
Jeff and I played hosts at his home (which felt just shy of perfect ;) I'm just saying) and our company spent the afternoon and evening enjoying good music and drinks, the pool, and the trampoline, and even the cows!


Saturday we set off on another buy a boat! Though we haven't made the final decision, we did enjoy the ride, and definitely love this monster! And Robert, who works with Jeff, and is boat's current captain, made the day extra fun!

After a long day on the lake, we took our ratty selves, and I do mean bum tshirts and wind blown hair to probably the nicest steak house in the tri-county area! Hunter's Pub....ahhh...delish! People drive from ATL to eat their steak, I'm telling you what! And the best part is, I'm more than welcome to come looking ratty and eat my $50 steak, because this steakhouse sits on the interstate ramp in an old gas station! Beat that, Bobby Flay!


Sunday was "Ganmudder's" 84th birthday, and I couldnt wait to get to that woman and tell her how much I love her to pieces! It warmed my heart so much to see how many sweet family members were able to come and spend this precious day with us too!

This woman has had a rough few months (years really) and WILL come out on top. She had so much family around her this weekend, so much love, it was contagious! The Parkers and Simpsons will always be bound by one amazing man and woman, and I am forever grateful. you wished on your (way too chocolate!) cake, here's to the next ten years!!...CHEERS! I love you!

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