Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girls Night Out & A Wedding Date!

Friday night my usual bunko group decided to step outside the box...and onto the bowling celebrate Brandi's birthday! Two things to note here, I forgot how much fun bowling is, and I also forgot just how bad I am! Of course we had our bowling themed cupcakes! Aimee and Ashley were all smiles....BEFORE their scores went south! hehe
me with the Birthday Girl!!
Saturday night I had a much overdue date night with this cute guy.... and I'm sure a wedding is just what he was thinking, ha! But we had a blast!!
Two sweet friends from Auburn, Callie and Bradley, finally tied the knot, in one of the most fun weddings I've ever been to! The wedding was at the beautiful First Methodist in Opelika, and the reception at Saguahatchee Country Club in Auburn, and everything was beautiful!
Such a happy bride, being sung to by the grooms ELEVEN uncles!!
This guy and I danced all night long, with some of my most precious friends! Jeff even said "this is like a big reunion!" and it sure was! It makes me so ready for football season!
Sweet Michelle, the new mom, looked absolutely beautiful!
All the hoots singing Shades to Callie (well, those who can still remember all the words!)
My bestest Leah, who I never can get enough of, or her precious twins! I'm coming back down to see you soon, MM and Hayes already invited me, k?
All in all, it was an AWESOME weekend, busy, but fun. I spent it with my favorite people, and made lots of fun memories!

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