Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wine, Wishin', and 80 Years to Celebrate!

Friday night I trekked it over to Auburn to the "Brass Brassiere" Antique Shop for a wine tasting! Haley and I met Tami and Lane Blackwell from Auburn, and had a great time catching up!I've always tiptoed around wine tastings....wines in general...because like my daddy....the sulfites in wine give the ol' noggin migraines. BUT at this particular one I dug around the selection until I found two wines, with the help of Mr. Wine Professional Pourer Guy, and found a label with "No additional sulfites added!" Whoop whoop!
It was a great night, with great friends, and a fun kickoff to a busy weekend!
Saturday morning, I met a new wish kid....this cute little man, Tristian, AKA Spiderman!
For the majority of our visit, I wore this "Bubblebee" helmet so we could be heroes together. This child does NOT sit still! Getting him to brainstorm for his biggest wish in the world was quite the challenge!
When "wish granters" meet a new child, we ask a series of questions to help determine their wish. Sometimes we draw pictures, play with toys, playdough, whatever may stimulate ideas. Here's how Tristian's questions went.....
If you could have anything what would it be? "A red spiderman 4-wheeler, with a light!"
If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be? "BATMAN!"
If you go anywhere, where would you go? "Toys R Us!"
If you could meet anyone, who would you meet? "Spiderman, Batman, every superhero you can think of!"
After a lot of weighing wishes, we narrowed his favorite of all those down to Toys R Us, so it looks like we'll be planning a shopping spree pretty soon! I love shopping spree wishes, the kids have so much fun, and I swear I have just as much! (if not more!)
--------------------------------------------------------------- Quick wardrobe change, and Saturday afternoon it was off to Montgomery to celebrate my grandparents! Mimi and PawPaw have been married 58 YEARS! And PawPaw is turning 80 years young! If that's not reason to celebrate I dont know what is!
For a birthday prize, Daddy pulled out the perfect fit for PawPaw....his own camo tailgate chair! Of course, his will be for sizing up the deer of the farm in Highland Home, and he was so excited!
Looks like a perfect fit! And yes, he loved the cup holders, too! HA!
I am so thankful I got to love on these people while I was there, seeing my parents warms my heart!
Happy 80th Birthday, PawPaw! I love you!

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