Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas TREES!

It's no secret Christmas is my favorite holiday. And one of my favorite things is all those twinkly lights! On trees, that is....not necessarily the icicles on houses, or the blow-up snowman waving at me in yards....but hey, tis' the season! Which is why people laugh when they see a tree in nearly every room in my house! And I love it, so laugh if you must! There's the "big tree" of course, in the den, which is real, because the smell when I come home from work makes me smile. It's the one plant I keep alive. Thank God it's only for thirty days. I can kill a cactus, people. The owl tree. AKD gave me my first beautiful white owl in college, it's always the first I hang! Ironically, you gave me the last I hung this year too! The Auburn tree, who sadly is lacking in orange and blue ribbon, because I cannot find any suitable. I used to "roll" this tree in TP.... I am now trying to find a more grown-up way to dress this puppy. My only tree with colored lights, appropriately orange and blue. And poor Jeff was even tortured (and was pleased with the end result) of his themed tree this year...his Outdoor tree. Thank you Cabelas, for making 20 gauge shotgun shell lights. Men everywhere are a little less pained by stringing them on trees, as they are not searching for the shorts in those tangled white lights we do not roll back up correctly. But I get this tree infatuation honestly, yall. It's my mama's fault. Welcome to my childhood home: The Radko tree, in the big den. We do not touch this one. Here's my room, note: I have the most beautiful cherry four-post bed inherited from my great-aunt. And of course accordinating blue tree to match. Mom, my tree is the best, hands down. Jessie has a tree too, and is not to shabby. (Mine, note, is still prettier.) A random patriotic (Republican) tree. Just cause. And Dad's own tree, it's waaay girly in our house. It's in the "duck den." See, he's definitely made this room his own, his one room in the house. God love him. So maybe I'll be back next year with even another tree to show you!! I'm really wanting to do a tree with the really big colored bulbs (like you TT!)....but who knows where that would go?! Until then I'll be sad to take these down! But like my mama says, it's bad luck to keep your trees up past New Years so watch your clocks! Merry Christmas to you and all your trees!


  1. Love all your trees and so glad I could contribute :) I think the owls may need a bigger home before next year though! Hootie Hoot!!

  2. oh gosh, I don't know which one to vote for! I'm kindof digging the one in your bedroom. But how can I not vote for an Auburn tree and an owl tree!! Decisions decision!