Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Graduate

Last weekend I spent in Tallahassee with my family....for a very special day! After a long, hard road my sister graduated with her MASTERS in MUSIC THERAPY!! FSU is apparently the MECA of places to be trained in Music Therapy, and of course my brilliant sister got in, and was trained by the best; did her intership at the best of hospitals at Tallahassee Memorial and is now employed by the Mobile School District. I have learned over the past few years what amazing healing powers music can do, in the hands of the right people. Jessie has those, voice. And with her guitar, violin, drums, etc. in tow...she will now affect the lives of countless children with special needs in Mobile. I could NOT be any more proud!! So we started Saturday off in the Tallahassee Civic Center with this crowd, Jessie sat in the front with all the cool kids with "big gurl" degrees!
When she walked across the stage, shook hands with the Prez, and headed off...the QUEEN of Music Therapy, Jessie's mentor, her idol, Dr. Stanley, got up from her seat on stage and walked around the crowd to hug her...just her, and sat back down. This was something special, I tell ya. If I've heard her name once, I've heard it a thousand times. Like, even before she got to FSU. Dr. Stanley rocks the music world, and basically founded this program. And she loves MY sister. How 'bout them apples.
After the ceremony, family shots were in order. Though the sun was blinding, our smiles could not be bigger.
When you graduate with a Masters, you wear a "hood," and its in the appropriate color of your school...the school of Music just happens to be PINK! How fun!! Inside the hood is striped with the colors of your alma mater, which is why hers is garnet and gold for FSU. I personally think she should have a little orange and blue up under her robe somewhere too, for our TIGERS!
After our pics, she had to turn her flattering (haha) little robe and hood in....which she was none to happy about. Jessie was actually trying to barter with this lady to keep her pink hood. Which apparently cost around $250, what?!!? So we settled for a tassle.
Saturday afternoon was spent packing up her apartment, bittersweet but exciting, as we joked she became a graduate, employed, and homeless all in one day! Congrats jessie!
With one final "SEE YA!!!!!" to her apartment, we kissed Tally goodbye, and the caravan began to behind her.....and nothing but wide open spaces ahead!
Congratulations one more time, sister, I love you so much, and I'm so very very proud of you!

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