Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Weekend with my Girls!

I've known these two since scrunchies and bad perms and Kellys Kids and #2 pencil lice checks (anyone else have those? Gotta love public schools...)
And I still just can't get enough of them. They are my bestest frands eva. And with football season over, we need a girls weekend, like pronto, every year. So this time, it was off to Birmingham, for my Leah/Casey fix.
Oh yeah...and we had some celebrating to the fact that Mama Leah is gonna add another bambino to her family in 6 months....and I'm sure her 10 months twins are so very excited! I know we are!!!
And as always, our weekends generally consist of eating, shopping, and talking til we fall asleep on the sofas! A Mexi fix on Friday night, Another Broken Egg Cafe for Saturday brunch, and "26" Saturday evening.
Our precious friend Lindsay came to play Saturday night at 26, which might a new favorite restuarant of mine in the 'Ham. It was a beautiful night, so they opened a a garage door! the streets of Five Points...and we have one of the lucky tables by the street. So fun!
Sunday before I left, I went by Ashley (Oakes) Parrish's house to see this angel face and steal some smooches. Seriously, I almost made them miss a birthday party because I didn't want to leave!!
The only reason I finally did was because I will see her mama again in only 2 weeks for our OOC Reunion! Whoop Whoop! I do love me some girls weekends!!


  1. Okay, I had to get off my google reader acct so I would actually come to your blog and comment! Ski trip looked fabulous, girls weekend looked fabulous, now it is time for OOC!! Whooohooo!

  2. I can't keep up with're all over the place, woman! Fun times!!