Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to Walmart!

I am never capable of recapping a wish in a short manner, so bare with me if I'm long-winded. I can never seem to sift through all my pictures and just pick a few, they all carry such specific and precious memories of the day, and I want to tell everyone about each minute, so it's like you're all there with me. So I'll do my best, and try not to ramble.... (hold your comments please....) This precious blondie below, Austin, is 11. My buddy has Muscular Dystrophy, and so when Make-A-Wish came to him and asked him what his biggest wish in the whole wide world is....well, he said he wanted to go to Walmart. :) So that's what we did! We blew his mind when we picked him up in this stretch limo, and headed to our SuperWalmart, with his whole family in tow! And with a sneaky heads-up phone call...the Walmart cheerleaders were outside ready for us when we pulled up with a "Gimme a 'A'!" Gimme a 'U'!" to spell out Austin! I think it might have startled him so much he said, "Um, I'll just stay in the limo a minute!"
When we got out, and made it through the crowds of people trying to sneak a peek at my little celebrity man, we met our personal shopper for the day (fancy shmancy, right?) Robert. He was such a HUGE help, and so very kind to Austin. He was at his beck and call every step of the way.
And Austin knew exactly where to head first...."Let's start with Electronics, please Robert!" :) He requested to look at TVs, and said he figured a 32" Visio LCD HD would probably do. Not specific at all, right!?
People would stop left and right to see what the fuss is about, which I personally love. I feel like they're not looking at a sick kid, and never want my wish kids to feel like that. But I hype them up and make sure they know they are THE MOST important people in that store for the whole day! It's THEIR WISH DAY! So when people stop, and look, it's because we're exploding with balloons, and signs, and cameras, and personal shoppers: because I'm in the presence of magic! The stores will get on their intercoms and give "shout outs" to our kids, make them their own signs, and gifts, and definitely treat them like royalty. And they do, truly soak it up. Case in point: Out of the blue this man below came out of an aisle and said, "Excuse me sir (to Austin) but can I take my picture with you?!! You must be famous or something!" And Austin said, "Sure, of course you can!" And played right into it! I can only imagine (and hope) how special he was feeling inside.
We stayed in electronics for 45 minutes and blew through 3/4 of our budget just like that! We snagged a TV, an ipod, a digital camera, a Blueray player, a laptop with all the accessories, a Playstation 3, and Band Hero!
Next up was a bicycle. And a specific kind too, and just like magic, there was one left. :) This bike is more than special, because we don't know how long his little legs will let him ride, so thank the Lord there was just what he wanted!
There is a lot to love about this little guy. One is that he would stop roaming the aisles long enough for me to take just ONE picture with him!!
Shortly after, he went back to realizing how famous he he started striking a pose.
His grandparents came too, who he clearly loves very much!
Once we racked up all we could, down to the penny (actually $2.47 over...but I'll spot him, he's worth it) we told him to roll on to counter #14 where of course we had VIP treatment for checkout of our 3 buggies full! And off he went!
And the rest of us finally caught up! Mom with Austin's precious sister and brother, two cousins, and grandparents. Thank goodness everyone was there....he's a wild one! Terri and I appreciate all the buggy help!
With that, I presented Austin with this 2,000 dolla bills touch one more time....then kiss it goodbye! He turned it over to the Walmart cashier and she rung up all his prizes for the day!
One pit stop before heading home was Applebees, and Austin's request, where again we were treated like nothing but royalty!
Austin regained some strength with a healthy portion of a rack of ribs!
On the limo ride home, Black Eyed Peas song came on "Time of My Life" and his mom said Austin, this is your theme song today! And I think nothing could really be more fitting! He really did have the time of his life, and we all sang it at the top of our lungs and danced like fools in that limo all the way home, laughing and cutting up like the rockstars we were!

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  1. That's what it's all about. I love that you love doing that for those precious kids. Hope you're having a fabulous trip and a great birthday!