Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OOC Weekend 2011

Last weekend eight of my favorite people in the whole wide world got together for one of my favorite weekends in the whole year...OOC Baby!  Our annual college roommate reunion, with all 9 of us in attendance from AL, GA, TN, and NC, all made it in to Seagrove where Ginny played hostess with the mostess in this bee-u-ti-ful house!  You know those cute little Sister Schubert rolls in the freezer section you just can't get enough of?  This would be her beach house.  HELL-O!

Now tell me this doesn't make you smile, how stinkin' cute are we!

Thursday night began at a staple for us dating back to college, the good ol' Red Bar in Seaside. 
And as soon as we got back to the hizzy, it was time to bust out some prizes!  Jess surprised us with some fun ornaments (you'll never guess...but they were owls!)  And TT gave us the our coveted OOC tshirts (yes, we are now that group that has tshirts made for reunions, and they are freaking awesome!) and our OOC CD mix '11...which we rock out to all weekend.
Friday started with bellinis and lunch at the Great Southern Cafe in Seaside, where we soaked up some much needed sunshine and toasted to what else?  US!
 My favorite two things in the world...crab cakes and fried green tomates!
My traveling buddy to FL...thanks for the ride, and the great company!  (And for that teeny tiny stop we made!)  :)  love you!!
 Next it was a little shopping to burn off some calories, and dollar bills....
 Back at the house, this sweet treat had been patiently waiting on us (and we'd been just dying for the perfect time to cut into it!)  and it was calling our name!  I love that the Decker's just "happen to see this in the bakery"...hmm, in red and yellow, with an owl, and OOC....the stars just must have been aligned.  Thanks Deckers!!
 Friday afternoon was a little too windy for beach time, so we suited up pool side for some quality time....and of course a group picture.  Ashley, where are your shades?
 Just as we arrive back at the house, we are greeted by none other than The Sister herself, supervising the delivery of a couch.  She's straight out of Andalusia, and as sweet as her orange rolls.  She didn't even flinch when we attacked her for a group picture! 
 Saturday afternoon before dinner, we surprised Lil' Gin with some prizes for Baby Jackson, who will be here in less that 4 weeks!  We were just thankful it wasn't this weekend!  I'm pretty sure TT thought she could handle an at-home delivery, but I'm not sure how Ginny would have felt about that!
 Saturday we spent all day on the beach, in the sun sun sun!  It was perfect weather!  Once we cleaned our stinky selves up, we managed a few more photos (shocked?) before heading off to our final dinner.

 We stopped by Erika Powell's, another one of our sorority sister's home, for cocktails before dinner, where I basically kidnapped her child, Sloane.  She's a living doll, I'm pretty sure her first full sentence was "I love you JennJenn."  (I hate no one heard it.)  Her mama's cool too, so we took her and another friend Allison to dinner with us.

 Dinner was at Borago, and you must go.  I ordered 5 things and ate it all.  Not really, but I could have.  But the shirmp risotto made me smile. 

 10 outta 10 for the weekend.  Hands down.  Hooty hoot.  I'm just sayin.  And Blazer, I am already counting down the days for OOC '12 in Flo-town.  Yall make my world go 'round.  Love you.

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  1. I'm obsessed with that big silver owl that keeps staring at me through the computer screen and saying, "you need me, you know you want me." I love it! And I'm already over this working business...I'm ready to head south again for a repeat!!