Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Funday

This weekend was one for the books.  Our weather was all over the place.  On Saturday we worked hard with some "hired help" south of the border on backyard project at my house, and raced against a pending thunderstorm to get er' done.  Unfortunately, on the way back out to his house, Jeff got caught in a hail storm that afternoon.  I was luckily 10 minutes behind and managed to miss it.  We rounded out the evening with our "happy" meal of ribeyes, grilled zuchinni and baked potatoes, while we watched lightening pop all around the countryside.

By Sunday, it seemed the clouds had passed though TWC was warning us differently.  We went to church and came home, and as usual on Sundays, ate every leftover in the fridge.  I would embarrass us if I told you what, so I will refrain.  But to describe it as a "combo appetizer" wouldn't quite cover it....
No sooner were the dishes done, did a MONSOON come rushing in out of nowhere!  And as quickly as it came, it was gone.  We watched the clouds disappear from our favorite spot on the front porch, and debated what to plant in the now-naked flower beds!  (We were attacked by fugus this winter careful!  It will taken over every bush!!)  But we are so happy to see green grass....

And this fun bush blooming, a Japanese Snowball.  Planted one early Iron Bowl morning....  Oh course it's going to flourish, all it can do is WIN! (Right?!)  :) 

 So with clear blue skies again, and the thunder rolling on, the front porch debate, as always, led to project ideas....and we remembered Bubba's house down the road.  We always want to build something, or hunt for something, and we've been meaning to snoop around Bubba's house for some good wood, maybe find some treasures.  So off we went....
 Ok, so maybe it's not quite a "house" anymore.  But it was.  Jeff remembers when Bubba's (his cousin-they live right down the street) dad would stay here on the weekends, and it was a camphouse of sorts for the boys to play in.  They'd swim in the pond back behind it, and get in the kind of trouble boys are supposed to get in to on the weekends, I'd imagine.  (I wasn't let in on many details....)
 But it's a heap now.  Not much to salvage at first glance.  Just an old rotten house that Bubba hasn't torn all the way down yet.  But the more I saw, the more I liked.  I can just bet Jeff's son Kyle would have loved this "KEEP OUT" sign in his room (which is why I'm very glad he wasn't with us!!).....and Boy, don't I wish I was here years sooner to save this poor glider from its rusted out death.  I would love one of these!
 But as I very shakily climbed the fallen framework, to take a quick peak (and pic) inside, I got a little more interested.  I was disappointed when Jeff said I couldn't actually try and walk inside, even on the framing, because it was way too rotten.  We'd have to come back later with long boards of our own as scaffolding, but I was intrigued.  First, there's a lot of crap.  And on my way up, there was a lot of briars (with poison in the pricklies.)  But on a positive note, look, just look what I see!
 Jeff saw it too!  This mantle is in excellent condition (considering...).  And the best part is this tiny little house has three dadgum chimneys in it!  So there's three more just like it!  I can see a little sanding, and stain or paint, and hello...headboards!  Or heck, anything!  I just gotta have them, but I literally, physically....can.not.reach.them.  That sucks.  So....Jeffrey will clear it with good ol' Bubba, then with all the toys we've got out gosh, I'm going to get those headboards!  And maybe some window frames, doors, etc too!
 Anyway, for the day, I settled for my sweet thang yanking some wood off the side of the house, and loadin' her up.  At the least, we've got some great potential there for picture frames, maybe a mirror surround.  There's no telling what we'll rig up.
 After dropping off our loot (don't read that like we stole that wood, Bubba would've been totally cool had we asked, I promise....) the skies were still gorgeous.  It's as if we hadn't weathered hail storms, and tornado watches at all.  So we did what we do best, Kubota "Kruisin."  :)  And out in Juniper, Georgia, street traffic typically consists of us on the Kubota, or something like this....  This is cousin Darrell, but whether you know us or not when you pass, please wave.
 Darrell was working on his own little project on Sunday afternoon, clearing some land on just a few thousand acres (that's all) of land he bought, which I'm pretty sure means just another place to play on.  :)  He was using that yellow tractor and my favorite they have...the Big Green Tractor, it's HUGE!
 The tires on the BGT are bigger than me, so Jeffrey found a new little guy just my size!
 Now, back to the farm.  And a recent addition.  Meet Grunt.  He's a big ol' porker, for sure.  Actually, we've recently changed his name to "Squeal" after a little surgical procedure, because "Grunt" seemed a little to, uh, masculine after uh,....  (please tell me you don't need details....)
 Grunt is great.  We've really bonded.  I laugh every time I see him.  I literally will "snort" and I am not lying when I say that fool will snort right back.  That's some pig.  T-EE-RR-II-FF-II-CCC.... (Ok, sorry, I'm a big Charlotte's Webb fan....  Anyway, he's half idiot too.  See how he's a little pinker than normal around the neck?  Who knew a pig could get sunburned?!!?  This week he Mr. R has really slopped up his pen really good now.  Moron.
 So as we're checking on all the creatures in Robinsonville, and Wilbur...I mean Grunt was in the spotlight...Jeff chose to, shall we say, "pre-marinade" Grunt....?  Now we've got a great Jack Daniels BBQ marinade we've used....but a Miller Lite boston butt....huh.  And people be warned, this pig is a lush!
All we could do was crack up!  I can't wait to taste this sausage!  Jeff, you are evil and you must be destroyed!  (Please look at Grunt and his tongue...)
 After Grunt's dance with the devil, the child started straight up making fun of us.
 Cacklin.  Even smirking at us.
 ***Note:  No animals were harmed in the making of these pictures...And we did wash Grunt's beer down with a Aquifina.  :) 

Next up on your Planet Earth tour, the duuunkeys.  I know you've missed them.  Tilly and her baby.  The baby I haven't figured out yet.  Like maybe her head got stuck in the birth canal.  Or something.  she just looks....different. 
 And Frank, how can we not love that face.  Like, all up in my camera, face.  I will forever think of waffles, dragons, and a giant green oger when I see you.

 I am so happy we are friends now.
 I am also happy I am friends with this guy.  We can have a stinky kuboka riding farm day, feeding animals, or cleaning the house, or grocery shopping, or doing yard work, but then like Friday night, we can have a late night date night at our favorite sushi place.  We can have those "Come to Jesus" moments with the best of them, because we're both as stubborn as Frank there, but when they're over, I'm more comfortable than I've ever been, and I smile when I realize over and over again how cool it is to be in love with my best friend. 

And how fortunate he is I look past all that grey hair.

Okay, okay, and how lucky I am he looks past that bird's nest on the top of my head.

But seriously, could he have framed that picture any worse???

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  1. Y'all are a pair of cuties, grey haired birds nest and all. :) And for the record, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Grunt wasn't sticking out his tongue in disrespect or disgust...but rather from sheer unrepentent numbness...inebriation, even within the pig variety, can cause a thick tongue. :)