Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Showers!

 This weekend was full of April showers!  Bridal Showers, and Baby Sprinkles! 

First up on Saturday night was a Girls Night In for my dear friend Ashley as we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Miss Mallory!

 Kristin and Aimee outdid themselves on the spread...and I'm afraid I outdid myself eating!
 It was a gorgeous evening, and Kristin had the perfect patio for us to lounge around with our yummy beverages and enjoy time with the girls!
 Hot ticket item here, people!

 So many people came to love on Mallory and Ashley, and "sprinkle" them with gifts!  I cannot wait to meet this angel in person!!

 Sunday I was Oxford, to help Mama with a shower for a family friend Daniel Clonts, who's marrying the custest girl, Carrie in just a few months.  As soon as we walked to the church, we were greeted by this beautiful tree!
 I knew this was a sign it was going to be a good day!  I hope this is still blooming just as gorgeous on Easter, what a perfect place for pictures!
 Inside the parlor, our flowers were just as pretty, if I do say so myself....  ;)

 Miss Carrie opening her prizes!
 She was certainly showered with love as well with tons of people who came!  Here is her almost mother-in-law and mama!

 And lots of friends!

 My sweet mama!

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  1. You look so cute in your polka dot dress! Hubba hubba! Why don't you post that drink recipe while your at it next time? Yummy!