Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sprinkles and Girlfriends

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of "sprinkling" mom-to-be, and my old roomie, Anna Kate, as she gets ready for baby girl #2, Libby to arrive in a few short weeks! 

Whenever I see these awesome ladies, I want to throw on a date party t-shirt, patagonia shorts, and sit on the front porch of the McKee House with some Pat McGee playing on Napster, and talk weekend plans!  Oh the glory days!

Of course a few things have changed....and I was very careful not to drink the water just yet!
Next up was a little indoor tailgating at Leah's house for the Auburn-Georgia game.  We may not have been on the Plains, but the spread was still there!  Leah, I'm STILL craving you mini pumpkin whoopie pies!
And I'm definitely still craving this baby tiger, Caroline!
Mary Miller may not have been able to give us but one "TOUCHDOWN!!" but it was way too cute to not ask for repeats if you ask me.  And Hayes tried to keep the house tidy with all these grown ups running around.

It was a much needed girls weekend, all the way around.  My calendar is already out, OOC Weekend in INKED in, Bham girls weekend in the works oh man, I'm ready to hit the road again! 

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  1. The "sprinkling" invite was adorable...and I totally think you should drink a glass FULL of the water! :) Anyway, I'm not sure who Leah is, but I'd forever be her cyber friend if she'd send me that pumpkin whoopie pie recipe! :)