Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Party Central

 This weekend was so much fun!  And so busy.  And loud, and bouncy, and sandy, and fattening, and funny, and .....  well, maybe I should start from the beginning.
It started with a mad dash to Birmingham Saturday, to meet up with the Lassiters, load the car FULL of balloons, and head over to my dear friend Leah's, where she had cooked up one amazing Mickey Mouse spread!
 Casey and I helped finish setting up, and tried to catch up as much as possible, man I hate being so far away from these girls!  And then the party got started for the sweetest twinsies I know, Mary Miller and Hayes turns TWO!!  And gimme a break, check out these cute pants pops Mama Leah made....Mickey himself couldnt have done better!
 Oh, Mary, she steals my heart every time with her big blue eyes!
 And yes, Hayes is just as sweet, but he does NOT like our cameras. :)
 Leah and Brian rented the biggest bouncy thing I'd ever seen.  And I've never seen kids have more fun!
 Like little Mary on the slide....
 And her Mama too!  Oh yes, you better believe by the end of the day, adults were all over it!
 Ooo, another highlight of my quick trip was loving on these sweet cheeks.  While sister and brother were tearing into presents, Miss Caroline was getting more attention than she knew what to do with!
 And there was plenty to keep them busy, believe me!
 Until MM opened her very own chair, at least.  Now Mama just says she's got to teach her to sit like a lady.  She cant wear a diaper cover forever....  ;)
 Oh, how I loved spending time with you ladies, and wish as always, it was much much longer!  Happy Birthday to the sweetest babies I know!  I cannot wait to watch your sweet selves grow into little people as amazing and special as your parents are to me!  Love you both!
 NOW....Sunday morning I woke up at Casey's WIDE AWAKE at 7am, and was ready to roll.  Thanks to the EST I'm living on, there's no stopping me once I'm awake.  So I hit the ground running, said my farewells, and was headed east for round two of party central. 
 Jennifer and Adam's son Garrett turned 3 and since he's all about Thomas these days, they thought they would put Thomas....and Garrett....in the spotlight on Sunday.  You can see just about how well that one worked out.
 Finally with a little coaxing from Daddy and Mommy, Garrett blew out the candles, and the party could start!  And I made it just in time to snap pictures of it all!  I would have died had I missed that pouting behind!  :)
 Presents were going well, though the spotlight still scared him, until he opened his $2.00 pistol and holster.  After that it was downhill.  He could have cared less about another box or bag.  Go figure.  This singing card held his attention for about 3 seconds before he turned and asked his daddy, "Where ah da bubbles for my pistol?"
 When he realized he got a sandpail and shovels, we managed to find the one dirt sandy spot in the yard (that'll teach Adam to procrastinate in putting that sod down!) to play in!
After adding a little water to dirt sand to create that "beachy" MUD effect, I showed the munchkins how to make a sand castle and they loved it!
 While the crowd of little clowns multiplied making mud pies.....

My big clowns chilled out in the shade and tolerated me snapping their pictures, and even smiled!  Wow, things....they are a changing!  :)
 Like I did more times that I could count as a kid, we lined those babies up, stripped 'em down, and hosed 'em off before letting them step foot in a house or car than evening.  And it was one more great birthday down, for a precious kiddo in my world.  Happy Birthday Little Man, I'm so grateful this is the second birthday I've celebrated with you now!  I love to watch you grow, and share these sweet moments with you and your family.

And Garrett pretty much sums up the weekend right here.  Exhausting, but so perfect, with everyone you love around you.

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