Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm still alive!

Tap, tap, tap.  Anyone still checking in here?  I clearly am not.  The poor old blog has definitely gotten the shaft, huh.  I feel like Facebook's mobile uploads are really cornering the market with keeping up with our whereabouts, but come to think of it....sometimes a one-liner and an unfocused snapshot just isn't enough, huh?  And yall know me, there's a story behind everything, right.  I'm a talker, it's hard to just say I went here, or did that, or look at us!, without giving you all the juicy details.  And I know how much you've been missing my juicy details.  So, it appears I've got some catching up to do, on the ins and outs on life on the farm, wish kids, and other happenings.  Hold you horses, friends, you know I love some story time.

I'll work backwards, and start with this weekend.  Hopefully I'll not lose focus, and keep posting back through April's happenings.  'Cause I just gotta tell you about my first 5K in April. Close your mouth, my friends.  I didn't run!  I was the event coordinator (you like that, right?).  You know a love a good party.  Even if everyone is sweating around me.  Anyway, I digress--let's start with the present and work back to that.....

The Warner's annual Crawfish Boil.  They call it the Bugfest.  One of my favorite events of the year.  Here's Chrissie looking like a rockstar hostess, and me fighting a losing battle with humidity.  Whoa Nelly--can I get a banana clip for that 'fro! 
Jeff's mini-me Kyle joined us for his first official crawfish boil, and from the grin on his face the whole day, I'd say he had a good time!  He and his sister are rarely apart, but I think he had a blast being "one of the guys" pinching tails with the men, and I don't even think dad's girlfriend cramped their style too much!  (I try to be cool, really I do!  Who knew I'd have to worry about that one day??  Ahh!)
Oh course my love right here, with that devilish, but so-darn-cute grin on his face, was basically a 42 year old teenager Saturday.  Let me go ahead and put that out there.  As were the rest of the guys around that boiling pot of crawfish.  And for the most part, what happens at Bugfest stays at Bugfest.  (Or on my camera phone).   But I'll give you a snippet because I'm evil like that.

"Here, cuz, let me show you.  No big deal."  I can only imagine the stories Kyle-man will be sharing with his friends after this weekend.

Thank goodness my guys DO have more sense than dear ol' Kenny here.  Let's just say after I could breathe again from nearly falling off the pier laughing, we were on a wild goose chase for peroxide once we realized Kenny was bleeding like a stuck pig!  Funny enough....he didn't feel a thing.....  ;)

The Crawfish Boil might have been the best yet.  Despite my hair being a hot mess, I loved the overcast weather, the great friends, and amazing food!  Rich and Chrissie--as always, you throw a great party!  Thank you for having us, putting up with my crazy guys, and being such sweet friends!  We look forward to lots of fun times on the lake this summer!

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