Tuesday, September 4, 2012

60 Years Together!

Last weekend was so special!  We celebrated my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary!

At their request, all they wanted was for all the family to pile up at their house in Montgomery, the same place, the same time.  With our busy schedules, this seems to be nearly impossible sometimes, but with the promise of her Italian homemade sauce.....we came running!!
We came from all over Georgia, Alabama, and Florida for this special day!  And if my sister and I are involved, as with the rest of the Nick's, things are always normal....
But we clean up well when we want to!  ;)

Just look how precious they are!  Both 82 years old, together after 60 years, in amazing health!  They work those boats in Bolixi like professionals!  And you couldn't compete with their garden, Mimi's canning skills, and PawPaw can spend a whole day on our hunting property on 4-wheelers and hold his own!

What can I say about these two?  PawPaw, son of Italian immigrants (youngest of TWELVE), born and raised in Oakfield, NY, joined the Army and made his way south.  Mimi, youngest of NINE, borned and raised in Sweetwater, AL, stayed close to home.  Their paths crossed, and at 22, Mimi took a bus to New OR-leans, and PawPaw HITCH-HICKED to meet her, where they wed the next day at a local lawyers office!  The rest as they say, is history.  Sweet, precious history.

Mimi and PawPaw and their offspring, each so special to me in their own way (especially my sweet mama!)
Here are us grandkids, minus Sarah and Josh who were tied up with college activities.  And I know my angel cousins Levin and Nathan had their arms around us all the way from Heaven. 

Along with our feast of BBQ and pasta (it goes perfect together, trust me) there was this beautiful wedding cake....along with four other cakes that left us worthless for the afternoon!

And where there's a wedding/anniversary celebration....you know we gotta do this!

Outside fun in the afternoon led to some quick shots with Jeffrey by my photog sister--so grateful for them, they turned out pretty good!  And at least now I know what to wear when I go running in the dark of night....can we say highlighter NEON!
A final group shot of all us, surrounding our Mimi and PawPaw, filled by 60 years of love, ended the day perfectly.  It's been a rough few years for this family.  But if I know anything about a Nicometo, it's that we're tough as tails, we walk it and talk it, and love with all the passion that Celano, Italy and Sweetwater, Alabama passed from my grandparents on to me.  And I proudly will pass it on.
So with that, my sweet grandparents, congratulations on 60 amazing years, I'll see yall later, and Ciao!  XOXO

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