Friday, August 31, 2012

We've got Water Dogs on our Hands!

There's no question I'm a water dog growing up with grandparents having cabins on Lake Martin and Fort Walton, it's in my blood I suppose.  My dream would certainly be to have a home on a lake one day with the constant sound of a screen door slamming with friends and family as they come and go.

But for now.....

A few weekends ago, we enjoyed some time on the lake at the invitation of dear friends, and watching the clowns as they battle it out on the tube. 

Sweet Christian and his mommy
Chrissie took Tori on her first ride on the big tube, and she was so excited to be just like Emmy and Kyle!
But apparently Mr. Jeff was driving too slow for her liking....I cracked up as I looked back to find her little chin propped up on her hand, like she was so over this....Piece o' cake, right Tori!
With the tube deflated, it was time to get down to business.  We had dropped Rich off at his house to get things set up for (what ended up being a delicious) fish fry that night, Chrissie was rocking Christian to sleep with the boat, Jeff began instructions to the clowns on their first ever attempt to kneeboard!  Tori and I became spotters (and photogs, of course).
Kyle and Emmy both got up after just a few tries, and I was so proud of them for not getting frustrated and quitting!  I didn't even try!  Their grins said it all, and I knew they were having a ball.
It was another good day all around (if you know what I'm saying) full of fresh water, pontoons, teenagers, toddlers, best friends, my love, cold beer, fried fish, potato chips, sunshine, laughing, and loving. 
Have mercy, who knew you could love something so much.

The fried fish, of course.

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