Thursday, February 26, 2009

This Is Why I Can't Blog...

CHAOS. Would you take a look at that (or dont. I cant believe I'm actually showing you.) I should have known it from day one....wait. Actually, I think I DID call it (refer to first post). I was scared I'd be a monthly blogger...AND HELLO....look at Miss Thang not keeping her blog up. But here's the deal, look at my office. It's a train wreck. Seriously, I've lost the remote to my fan, my favorite mechanical pencil (nerd), and a very important set of plans. I did come across some toothpaste which was totally not what I was looking for in my drawer today and a pair of flip flops under my desk...and I work with a bunch of guys, why won't someone else take out my trash!?!? This is the other side of my office, a tad bit more organized, though some of those files could use some shredding. Oh, probably dont open the fridge. The hot pockets, grapes, and DCs are fresh, but I wouldnt check the condiments... Wasnt I organized in college? Didn't I major in engineering? Aren't we supposed to be OCD about this kind of stuff?? Well, now you know. I may be a blog "stalker"....but when it comes to my own, I have become a blogslacker. When I can report back on the color of my desktop, as well as the renovation of my humble abode (more to come there...), I will be better with this. Oh, and as if work is obviously not keeping me busy enough, or the pounding of hammers at home, my persistant sister forced me to sign on more thing I sooo don't need to try and figure out...and become addicted to! Okay, I'm off to track down old high school flames...totally kidding....sort of. :)

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