Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello Out There

I am alive. I am also busy. These days around the Federal Government we have what we call "year end." It blows. The short of it is I work long hours to spend all of Ft. Benning's money to award construction contracts to eager beaver contractors. Don't get me wrong--I love spending other people's money (actually I suppose it's our tax dollars...), but that leaves me little time to play on the blog world, Facebook, with friends.....basically I sacrifice my life until September 30th. However my boss understands I work late every evening and on the weekends but I have a standing date with the Auburn Tigers on home game Saturdays for the next several weeks. WDE.
I have managed to squeeze a few fun things in the past few weeks. I am way behind on updating yall. Here's a runthrough. Let's see...
I hit the road for Mobile to see these precious girlfriends....
And after a fun dinner Friday night with their cute husbands, we somehow ended up at "the boats" in Biloxi...and my purse seemed a whole lot lighter on the way home.... Saturday we shopped til we dropped, then celebrated Leah's hubby's, Brian Allen's 30th birthday!

Next stop was one last beach trip, my last vaca for the summer before the dreaded "year-end" took my weekends away...so I drug myself to the Gulf Coast...ha! Painful, right?

Oh, and I had company... check out this face. Sure his parents came, and kid brother, and Aunt Haley too, but nobody can pull off those curls and actually make me want to get up early at the beach like Samuel can!

Oh, and here's a good one...the DAY BEFORE leaving for the beach, my poor car experienced its first "fender bender." Devastating, heartbreaking. And the first major thing I've had to deal with as a "big girl," on my own, from cops, to tow trucks, to insurance and claims, and in the first split seconds I thought I'd fall apart. Who do I call? What do you do first, cops or insurance? I got so flustered. Then mad. Then sad. Then mad again. But the good news, my friends, I handled it, like the big girl Iam, or I've become, and I've got wonderful friends and family who not only got me through this but who constantly have reminded me that whether its a fender bender or a major 180 in my life, they're there. And I love yall for it.

And thanks to Daddy I've been cruising around in this sporty thing of his while my poor car is being fixed!

Whew..on to lighter things...I hosted a "Sprinkle" for my sweet friend Aimee at my house for her second bambino, a little boy due in October...and had an icecream bar. Just what we needed on a hot Sunday afternoon! Here's Mama Aimee sneakin' a little oreo bite!

Next up, or last up (I know, I know, finally) last weekend...a treasure hunt on Lake Harding. A local radio station hosted a treasure hunt (like a poker run) on the lake, where we went from house to house collecting our pirate's booty (haha!) and ending up at Kokomo's, a restaurant on the lake for the grand prize drawing at the end of the day. I of course did not win the treasure chest of gold (or a jet ski in this case) but the day was a blast just the same! Here's my Captain, Rich.... AAARGH!! (Yes, those are those Miller Lite girls in my boat, as well as the radio station...we were the sponsor boat). Took me a few to get comfy with those chicks on there! Ha!

Sarah and me with our pirate tatoos....yes, I scrubbed and it came off for church on Sunday thank the Lord!Some people got seriously into the theme, what you can't see is the parrot, coconuts, etc...these people were crazy!!

Now, you'll all caught up. Well, this is what I've captured in pictures at least. My life is still a roller coaster, I'm a basketcase sometimes, but I'm here, and I'll figure out where I'm supposed to be one of these days. For now its in the bed! And this weekend its on the Plains! And for the next 30 days its in the office for work work work. I cannot wait to see some of your sweet faces this weekend!

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