Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Loveliest Village on the Plains

Makes me so happy. If nothing else does these days, Auburn sure can! What a great escape after these long work weeks. I want to move back. Just how bad can the commute be? And the time change? I can probably handle it. Surely.
I flew over as fast as I could Friday after work, met up with my buddies, and after staking our claim at the usual tailgating spot under Cater Lawn's oak tree, we had a fun dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and wrapped up the night with what else? Rock Band Baby. (let me clarify--I was a groupie--I have no rhythm.) But Greg Pettey and Brian Allen can rock the house....

Our tailgate cannot be topped (completely unbiased opinion of course), with the most food, the most friends, the most fun, and the most cornhole one could ever need! (oh and the most heat--good Lord it was hot!) It always seems like there's never enough time to visit all the friends and family that come down!

Me and my sweet fam cheering the Tigers on against LA Tech!
And I am super excited to find out I have a new stadium buddy this year! Look who I found sitting right smack in front of me--Lenzie and Molly!This Friday can't get here soon enough! I'm so ready to do this all over again! War Eagle!!
On Sunday, I managed to squeeze in a little lake trip to with this cutie (and her parents actually got to come too.) I could love on this bambino all day. This little ladybug is Tori.
Here's her mommy and daddy (and in December her little brother will be joining her on the boat!)
It was a great weekend with friends and family, one I hope to repeat this weekend, to keep my mind off of all the deadlines I have to meet (and are not getting met!) in September!! Work stinks!

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