Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Can I Say? I'm A Night Owl!

No kidding. I do stay up way too late. If only there were a late shift at my job....but this isn't about my insomnia. I am a little OCD when it comes to owls. Love 'em. Thank you, Chi Omega.
So, fellow Hoots...look what I found to lounge in at my favorite Target (and none other than a Phi-Mu girlfriend who loves to make fun of my owls told me about them! ha!)

How precious (not me, of course, I'm looking rough! This is truly a late-night picture!) And check out the shorts will NOT see me modeling these on the world wide web!Ok, run to your local Target and get your new pj's...this lil' hoot's going to try and hit the hay!


  1. ADORABLE! I need those TODAY! You are looking GREAT by the way! Love you!

  2. Those are perfect for you to since you LOVE SCARY movies! You look great...don't shrink away to nothing!!!!
    I will have to model my OWL PJ's Jenny gave me from Target!!

  3. Oh I am going to get those today!! You aren't the crazy one, I'm the one having a an owl themed 1st birthday party, HA! Miss you!

  4. Ok, since they're obviously a hit...they're by the Halloween pj's. And SUPER cheap! I wanted to send you all a pair..but super cheap adds up to something when there's 9 of us! Ha! Jess your turn to model yours so I feel like less of an idiot please! :) Lovin' yall.

  5. LOVE them! And you too!! You're hot, btw!!