Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Fever!

So maybe I don't have all the right "tools" right now to cure this baby fever, but I've got some cuties around me I just can't get enough of! It's plain killing me! For now I'll settle for being "Aunt" Jenn. And I'll just plain eat up every minute of it! As my dadgum clock ticks on.... (and my mom smocks gowns for invisible grandchildren, God love her....) :)
This weekend in Birmingham I got to spend a few precious hours with this baby hoot, Katherine Crowe, who loved on me and made me melt. She's walking around and getting into waaay too much now that's keeping mom on her toes! I couldn't get enough of her angel face! And catching up with the mama bird Anna Kate just wasn't long enough, I will be back soon!!

And for the record, mamas are never too old to play in the ball pits! It makes them extra cool!

Next up for me was a trip to Dahlonega (North GA) for work on Tuesday, and on the drive home I just had to stop in the ATL to love on these chubby cheeks and envy these forever long eyelashes on Miss Blair Verdigets! I'm mean seriously, look at this face. I could eat her up! But, instead her mom and I decided to eat up our favorite dishes at our favorite Mexican restaurant TAXCO!! (I know you're jealous people, it's DE-vine). And last but certainly not least (just newest and tiniest!), today Baby Boy Horstman was born!! Mama Aimee did amazing during surgery, and Sam is so proud to have a son! (though as of tonight he is yet to be named....) Lord have mercy.
Seriously, this baby is beautiful. Pictures will never do him justice. I mean look at these toes.


  1. YAY! We are so glad you came to visit! Blair and I are counting down until our next Taxco dinner with Aunt Jenn!

  2. Oh the babies are all precious...but those eyelashes. THOSE eyelashes. Wow. THOSE EYELASHES.

    Love you! :) In B'ham, so close, should have drove on over. :)