Monday, October 5, 2009

Football and Birthdays

First and foremost, the busy season is OVER!! With work that is. I can play again. I can leave the office when the sun is still shining, and by the way, when did fall get here?? I love this weather!
The weekends have been busy with football, which makes me so happy. The most interesting tailgate so far certainly being for the West Virginia game....aka the PERFECT STORM on the Plains!! It started out beautiful....

But by the time we headed toward the stadium....the skies darkened "just a tad."

So after 4 inches of rain in 45 minutes and lots of lightning causing rain delay after rain delay, the game finally got started. And after a little drizzle in the first quarter, not another drop of rain the whole game! Rocky at first, but we pulled out a win, despite the crazy day! Another great day in Auburn, like I ever doubted it! WDE!

Next up, another one bit the dust. Turned 30 that is!! My friend Casey had a SURPRISE birthday party for her hubby, Blake, and she pulled it off perfectly!! The best part was playing with all my favorite girls!

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