Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I do love me some holidays....

I'm just sayin. I think I decorate for everything! I have been hounded by my friends about my Easter tree for years! And so what if I need three Christmas trees. Holidays make me happy! And this is all my mama's fault anyway!
So I couldn't resist this beauty!
And the table's set for any hungry goblins who may stop by....
Don't be scared by the spooky haunted house with the windows all a'glow! And these little ghostly guys are just waiting to be gobbled up! (Which means if they're not taken care of at bunco they're going to work...AWAY from me!!) :)


  1. Never thought about you using your black and white dishes with orange for Halloween...SO CUTE! Hope Bunko goes well. See you soon!

  2. Love the table settings....too cute! Great dishes, and so versatile for adding in color for Holiday/Seasonal times....where did you find them? Also, the curtain in that kitchen is too cute as well. Must come see the house sometime! :)

    Love you!

  3. Thanks KB! They're my everyday dishes, by M. Bagwell...she has really cute stuff! She's from Montgomery, check out her website... Come see me! Love ya!

  4. You better be glad we live hours apart or else my children would rather be at YOUR house than OURS! You're totally speaking their language! Thanks again for the super fun treat're THE BEST!!!!!!