Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bowling and the Jolly Trolley!

What a fun weekend! Friday night I went bowling with some dear friends of mine....and though a few of the girls were pretty dang good (if fact, they embarrassed the CRAP out of me!) we had more fun just hanging out and chatting! Oh, and taking some very serious-face bowling pictures of course!
But believe me, these silly boys were determined to have a good game! Just look at them contemplating their next move! -------------------------------------------------------------------
After a lazy Saturday, Sunday was filled with a great church service, TONS of shopping, and then a fun, AND FREEZING ride on the jolly trolley (pulled by Snowflake, the white Chevy of course!) at Callaway Gardens! So much fun! This sweet guy tried his best to keep me warm (but failed, even he couldn't fight 35 degree weather!).
I pulled out the trusty point-and-shoot digital, and tried my best to capture the show, but these Fantasy in Lights just moved a little too fast!!
I finally caught a toy soldier with my shaking hands!
And a beautiful swan!
And mean ol' Jack Frost who would change the pretty tulips to ice right before our very eyes! And butterflies! When the ride was over, it was a mad dash to find the nearest hot chocolate stand!! But I wouldn't trade riding in that jolly trolley for anything, bundling up with blankets and snuggling and listening to carols, and Snowflake narrate of course! You can't beat it! And after warming up and before leaving, I even managed to snag a hug from Rudolph!

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  1. Jenn, did you see the ginnerbread man? Did you turn at the Santa Claw? hee hee