Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bah Humbug!

I'm itchy.
I'm coughy.
I'm runny.
I'm achy.
I'm scratchy.
After three days of this I've had just about enough, now. Flu, or whatever you are, you may go away. I have New Year's Eve plans. But my mama says I can't go if I'm not better. (Apparently they're the boss no matter what age you are.)
And I have to finish taking down all this Christmas stuff! Which makes me sad. I wish I could keep enjoy my trees (plus it takes hours to pack all this up!). But mama also says its bad luck to leave your trees up past New Years.
So bye bye Christmas....
My den Christmas tree (the real one, that smells so so good when I come home from work)

And all my precious Christmas cards! (I vote everyone do picture cards from now on--I love them!) And all this Christmas china? Let's take a vote...I dont really have to put this up yet, do I?? It's gonna break my heart, only 30 days to enjoy this really! Booo! My Owl Tree of course, whooo knew there were so many flippin' owl ornies out there!?? (which will have to be upsized next year after what I got this Christmas, sheesh!) And where do I appreciate colored lights the most?? On an orange and blue AUBURN tree of course!! (Also getting upsized, this guy fell over on me this year he was so heavy!)

So, until I get the energy to load the last of the Christmas boxes, I will continue to drink my Tussin from the bottle and pop cough drops like Skittles. But for the record, I am sooo over Chick-fil-A's chicken noodle soup (which is usually excellent).

Anyway, enough complaining from the sickly, hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and celebrated that Holy Night of Christ's birth with the ones you love. I know I did! And I hope you have an equally special and safe new year, too!

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  1. Your trees and decorations are beautiful...I don't even have a relation to owls and I adore that owl tree! Of course I'm loving you AU tree...the boys room has their AU tree in it, complete with toilet paper garland.

    And that is exactly how we display our Christmas cards, all around the entryway to our family room. However, I'm going to have to find something new, we received over 120 this year and I ran out of room. I had them tacked up all around the frameway, the inside of the frameway, the top (looking up underneath the frameway) and finally ran out of room completely and had to put some on the wall beside the entryway! I want them all to be seen because I LOVE picture cards, as well as I love the designs/colors of the other cards we get. Do you have any ideas???

    Oh, and one more thing, I love your WELCOME above the cards. Did you do that or buy it somewhere? Too cute!!