Thursday, December 3, 2009

If Only Football Games Were 58 Minutes Long....

Ahhh! We had 'em! We really, REALLY had 'em! Which just goes to show, records don't mean squat when it comes down to the Iron Bowl. Man please, those Tigers played their tails off, and I've never been so proud. Win or lose. It was one heck of a game.
And one heck of a tailgate. Cold. Early. But AUsome. It started around 9:00 with me stirring up some chili, baby!
And snuggling with these lovely ladies (and daydreaming about the two peanuts in girlfriend on the right!!).
And then it was game time, where I met up with my stadium buddies Haley and Lenzie, where it was hi-fives for three straight hours!!
After the game, it was back to the tailgate for round two of chili (Lord help me) and lots of hugs and dragging our feet before packing up. Which is pretty normal, but I don't think anyone wanted to say goodbye especially on the last game of the season, boo!
Leah and I warming up under our toboggans! Brrrr, it got cold!!

It's Great to be an Auburn Tiger. Win or Lose. Man, I'm sad the season is over. Who's up for a basketball game?

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  1. 58 are so spot on! I was so excited at the 14-0 in the first, especially after that surprise kick-off fake... that I almost hugged the TV!!

    I love my AUburn, lose or draw!