Monday, February 15, 2010

Well, the joke's on me!

I posted too soon, apparently! I thought my amazing birthday week was over! But my sneaky little friends and the guy had something else up their sleeves....
After what seemed like the beginning of a lazy, relaxing, SNOWY weekend, and a full day of shopping Saturday, we pulled into a little Mexican restuarant Saturday night for dinner.
But instead of a little round top for two, Jeff led us to a table full of FIFTEEN of my favorite people in Columbus waiting to scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!
Aimee and Sam Horstman! My precious friend Aimee who's had a ROUGH few weeks with hospital stays with a sick bambino, then the bug made its round with the rest of the family, but of course is still here for me! Love you!
Ben and Jenn Brannin, precious parents to be of a new little man! and Ashley and Brad Clements, tricked me all week for my big night!
My lake friends, Jen, and Rich and Chrissie Warner --who I can't believe made it after totalling her car this week! SO thankful she's ok, and praying for a speedy recovery! What a friend!
Lisa and Crawford, who kept apologizing for missing Wednesday's bday dinner and asking for a rain check....sneaky girl! Guess I took her up on it and didn't know it! And Haley, the mastermind getting all my girlfriends together!

Sweet Brandi and Capp Hett, who have been incredible friends too! And know how to keep a secret for sure!! And the hilarious Kristy Dugan!

And of course what's a Mexican birthday dinner without a sombrero and a poncho!!

Sweet Chrissie designed my precious cupcakes! I should own stock in Cbus Corner Bakery! What a birthday! But I've been informed it's officially over! No more surprises. And I'll accept that. It's been the best EVER! This little senorita is one happy, spoiled little girl and loves it!! (partially kidding here) I just hope everyone knows how much I love them and appreciate them!

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  1. Wow!I can't believe the sweet friends you have. Who knew turning 30 could be such fun????? Happy birthday, sweetheart.