Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let it Snow!

Well, he turned 40. So it's official, I'm dating an old(er) man. I'm one of THOOOOSE women.....haha! But to set the record straight, I'll be da$% if I'm still not wiser and more mature. Sheesh. What's a girl to do???
So after a full week of birthday fun and Edible Arrangement of fruit delivered to embarrass him in front of all the guys....check....
filling his office with balloons....check....
catering breakfast for his office.....check....and surprise birthday presents of new luggage....check.....(gosh, what a girlfriend).....
We were off to Beech Mountain, North Carolina!!
The birthday boy signed up for ski school, got the wedge down pat, and breezed through the bunny slopes in no time!...for the most part....
Then it was blue slopes for us the rest of the weekend! We were like the rockstars of the slopes......or maybe went down the slopes like rocks...whatever....we looked cute.
FORTY and SPORTY, BABY!! (his new motto, haha!)
After long days of skiing, all we wanted was to warm up with with hotty toddies and delicious meals! Birthday dinner #1 ended up being pizza of all things, but man please, was it de-vine!
Birthday dinner #2 was in the Inn's Restaurant where we stayed, because we were snowed in by Saturday night after 10" of snow falling all day! So it was a birthday filet for Jeff, and salmon for yours truly! (And another round of singing happy bday of course!) Sunday, sadly, the roads had been cleared enough for us to kick in 4-wheel drive and head down the mountain....back to reality..... It was a great weekend, with a great guy, old or not! ;) Happy Birthday Jeff, Mr. 40 & Sporty! Jsut wait and see, the best is yet to come!! least I keep telling myself that the closer I get to be shaving off another decade soon too....((sigh))

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