Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter with my Sister!

I spent Easter this year in Talla-dadgum-hassee, as daddy says, with this cute girl!
If work and school keep my sister there, I just decided I'd come to her this year! And she was just what the doctor ordered. And apparently, I couldn't have come at a better time either...because as soon as I pulled into town she realized her car had been towed! So our first weekend stop was to pick up the trusty Camry! HAHA!

HA! Oh, how I DON'T miss this part of college life! So we busted the Camry out of car jail, escaped paying a small fortune, and we were off on my tour of Tally! Jessie showed me FSU, lots of little shops, and a great little downtown park area where we walked around a market set up for "First Saturday."

This chick is like my favorite person on earth. For the past 25 years, she may not know it, but she's like, totally, my best friend. I wouldn't trade this weekend of laziness and EATING and playing for all the Reese cup Easter eggs in the world. And you know what that means.

We went to this restaurant, oh my, I wish you could have been there, called Food Glorious Food, smack in the middle of the day....for dessert. Cause that's how I roll. And we got this. The richest piece of cheesecake ever. EVA.

And a piece of apple cake! I mean, who's even ever heard of such! Oh my stars!

Then, AFTER dessert, and a little lounging around her precious apartment, we went to dinner at The Red Elephant, with her super fun friends.

On Easter Sunday, we went to the church Jessie attends and has been working in the nursery in in Tally, Killearn Methodist, and it was a wonderful and moving Easter service! What a beautiful day to celebrate the fact that HE LIVES!
After church we went to a precious cafe for brunch called Another Broken Egg Cafe....if you're ever in Tallahassee you must try it! We waited a while, but my shrimp omelet was definitely worth it, and so was my company!

Before I left, Jessie and I shared our own little Easter story with each other, that we'd heard a long time ago. (Luckily, she happened to be bleaching some sand dollars on her patio from a recent scalloping trip to Port St. Joe....).

See on the top side, is the Easter Lily, in it's center is the star that led the shephards to Baby Jesus. Notice the four holes made by the nails driven in Jesus, and the fifth hole made by the Roman guard's spear.

On the backside, you see the Christmas poinsettia bloom, to remind us of Jesus' birth!

Next we broke the beautiful sand dollar in half.....
And released five white doves, waiting to spread good will and peace! Who know this little sand dollar could contain such a powerful message of God's only son, his birth and death, and Resurrection!

I definitely didnt want to leave, but I packed it up, and drug my feet out the door, and cannot wait until the next time I see this cute face! Love you Jessie! Thanks for making this Easter so special!

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  1. Girls, this was our first Easter apart. I am so happy my beautiful angels could be together. Maybe next Easter I will be able to share this special day with you two.