Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dega Baby

Earplugs. Why didn't someone tell me to bring earplugs?!?! Sunday I experienced the ultimate in NASCAR here. DEGA BABY!
And because of this handsome man, I got the royal treatment! This crowd above, we were stuck in for all of 5 minutes...until his fancy windshield pass allowed us down some secret golf cart path and to our parking lot which was practically underneath the track and our box seats! Thanks to the White Flag Club and their most valuable member (my dad of course!).
After parking, we hopped in Dad's truck and got the royal insider's tour, ending at the garages, for a tour with our very own pit passes. Now, I certainly won't claim to know much, if anything, about NASCAR, other than what my buddy Chippy tells me, but I must admit it was way cool seeing and touching these cars up close! Who knew a Ford Taurus could look like that?!!?
Dad and I grabbed the Aaron's team for a picture, they're the big dog sponsors this year. Their name was plastered EVERYWHERE. They were really nice, and their car is pretty. I'm sure that gets them far. :) I am obviously still clueless, but was having a blast meeting these people. I was wishing everyone luck, left and right, and looking everywhere for Ricky Bobby.
After our garage tour, Dad flashed his fancy badge and we snuck out to PIT ROAD! And we were the ONLY people out there, like ...seriously. I was feeling pretty special at this point (and ignorant). This is where the cars line up after inspection, so we got to see everyone getting seriously ready to throw some tires on, change some oil, and fill up a tank in like 24 seconds. See all the jealous people...hehe....
Jeff in front of his boy Gordon's car. He's thinking he's pretty special at this point. Sometimes he is.
Our front row seats for the race across from pit road. (or is it row?) Anyway, this was where the action is, people. Three phases here once the race begins.... #1....THE NOISE...Lord help me. People are still repeating themselves today because I haven't recovered. #2...THE WIND... all those cars at the same time, you are trapped in a major wind tunnel! It's wild! And #3...THE TRASH!! When the noise and the wind has passed, I was showered with tiny little pellets of burnt rubber! Needless to say, I got the full NASCAR experience!
Dad came to rescue us from the rubber showering, wind blowing, scream machines to go into the press box behind us for lunch....ah, silence...where I ate all the BBQ in sight, and enjoyed the AC, then it was back outside to eat up some more NASCAR and work on my farmer's tan.
We loved every minute of it, it was a great experience! Thanks Daddy, for a wonderful opportunity, and the hospitality! P.S. Glad we could give you a break from entertaining Mal Moore (but loved that you whistled the AU fight song as you picked him up at the airport! HA!).
Go Ricky Bobby!!

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