Wednesday, May 5, 2010

GNO, Crawfish, and TWINS!

Sometimes I just need a Girls Night Out. And sometimes they're lucky enough to come with martini shooters! Yum-O! Friday night we went to Houlihan's to celebrate more birthdays....and to just be girls.
These people are the reason I am still in Columbus, I am so lucky to have such special people in my life.
Saturday Haley and I went to Lake Harding for the Warner's annual Bugfest! We love this day, because this always seem like our official kickoff to summer!
Haley and I with the hostess (with the mostess) Chrissie. Thank you, for letting us, and about 100 other heath'ens bombard your home Saturday!
Thanks Rich, for keeping 200 lbs of crawfish coming all day, straight from Lousiania! The best, as always!
What's a crawfish boil on the lake without a little country music, right? Thanks Gary!
And yes, I even sucked the heads!
Sunday I spend the day in Mobile with my newest "niece" an "nephew," Mary Miller and Hayes Allen. Leah and Brian are sleep deprived and hungry and running on empty I'm sure....but you'd never know. I walked in the door, and Brian's washing bottles, Leah's doing mommy milk things (and looking AMAZING), and every three hours they hit the repeat button like clockwork. I'm still tired just thinking about, but they have it down, and both can doublefist these almost 5lb-ers like champs. Daddy put them to sleep here in no time!
Little Hayes "hands up" in his favorite nap position. So funny!
Mary Miller, sleeping like an angel!
I cannot wait to get my hands on these sweet angels again! I am so proud of their Mama and Daddy, it blows my mind with what they can do already!! I cant wait to watch these precious babies grow into amazing little people just like their parents! :)

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