Sunday, September 19, 2010

Football in the South

..... IS HOT!
It's really, really hot! Like 100 degrees hot.
But it didnt stop us from sweating our cute tushes off at the tailgate with each other on Saturday before the most intense game EVER against Clemson.
Along with my BF Jess spending the weekend with me, my other bestie Leah brought her precious twins to spend some time with us at the tailgate. She had to be very, very careful...I was about to sneak away with these babies!
And this little guy used to be the baby of our tailgate...but no more! Patton Knight is a little man now! And he entertained us the whole time (the band at the tailgate next door helped out too, because Patton danced to the music the whole time)!

It was a hot, hot day, and I'm praying for cooler weather, but I loved seeing my friends (short and tall!). Bring on the fall weather, please, and more Auburn Football!! WDE!

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  1. War Eagle my friend! I'll take one of each of all of y'alls game day dresses, please. Thanks!