Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Culture Shock and A Kubota Date

This weekend my pups, Wilson and Tucker, came with me to Jeff's....and got their first taste of farm life....
A little different than the city, huh, boys? Tucker pretty much didn't leave the fence. He wasn't quite sure about the 1,000 pound creatures eating hay on the other side....who frankly, could care less about his terrifying barks.
Wilson and Roscoe entertained him for a short while, but the cows are old news to Roscoe, and Wilson had other interests....
Like this big ol' pool....this is moments before he got his butt beat, I believe...
So like a good parents, we filled up a pool for the rugrats, of their own. And he was a guuuud boy the rest of the day.
Leaving the heathens to harrass the cows, us grow ups (haha) went on our own adventure....Kabota style. This seems to be the mode of transportation we prefer here. Because we don't want to grow up, it's finally cooling off outside, and gimme a break, it's so much fun!!
We climbed up to the second floor of this barn to take a break, soak in the view, and swing for a while. I love the old fashion buggies inside! This barn is gorgeous inside, and was hand built with the most beautiful was built especially for the Budweiser Clydesdale Horses when they came to visit Columbus once, and asked to stay at little ol' Robinson Farms! How cool!
We rode until nearly 4 hours had passed by, and believe it or not, we weren't tired of each other yet! And I'm almost positive I had to have talked his head off....patience is truly a virtue.
But he seemed happy enough. I suppose I was too. ;)

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  1. Scenes of the south....I love 'em. Love you, love the happiness in your voice of this post. Sounds like you were smiling as big as Jeff as you typed in every letter. :)