Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Say Korean

My precious friend, my very FIRST friend I ever met in Columbus, Haley, is moving. And not just out of town.
Out of state.
Actually, out of country.
She's taken a great job with another Army installation, and will be moving October 9th, and so with the tears, and my denial, that meant one heck of a goodbye party was in order!
So with Jeff's help (and house) I went to planning!
We had a great location....
And enough BBQ and ribs for 40 of her favorite people!
Sweet Lisa made an incredible sign to hang above the porch!
And then the guests poured in to love on Haley and have a great night!
And after a long night of playing host with most, someone crashed and burned...and much deserved, I must say!
It was a wonderful night, honoring one of my bestest friends, and I am still in major denial that she's leaving. She has been here for me through so many ups and downs through the past few years, and I've become quite dependent on our friendship!! So I dont know if I should put large bottles of shampoo in her luggage, or jinx her background check or what....but I'm just bound and determined to STOP HER FROM MOVING!!!
Besides, what the heck is Skype anyway?!?!

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