Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Wish Come True, Mon!

Emmaline has had a tough year, so when Make-A-Wish came to her and asked her what her BIGGEST WISH was, she didn't hestitate to tell us she wanted the heck outta dodge....and to go on a Jamaican Cruise!! Now that's what I'm talking about, girlfriend!
Emma's favorite restuarant is the Olive Garden so we did our best to have an Italian/Jamaican send-off party with all the island flare, with a bottomless bowl of salad and endless breadsticks! Yum-o!
Of course everyone had their own flip flop drinking straws, and our centerpeice is our amazing "cruiseship" themed cake from you know where, Cbus Corner Bakery. The one and only.
(Sidebar: You are aware, btw, they never let us pay one penny for a cake for MAW, not even for Evening of Wishes, when they fed 100 people, they love us so much, and we are so humbled by hearts so big.) Olive Garden had big hearts too that night. They fed all of us, and charged us NADA. Yep, NADA...our bill was over $100, we had 2 waiters the whole time, actually about 6 total, including 2 managers....we tend to draw a crowd.....and they even gave Emma an adorable green frog. We appropriated named him, Olive.
And this is Emma. In her Jamaican hat. Could she BE ANY CUTER?!?!?
A family shot. This super fun dad on the left here hosts a kinda-a-big-deal haunted house each year. I mean, LOTS of volunteers, blood, sweet, and tears involved in this thing. In the past, it's always been free admission. This year he charged, or accepted donations, and all the proceeds he donated to Make-A-Wish! Good people, plain ol' good people I tell ya.
Emma opened her hot new beachbag we gave her for her cruise, full of her must-have head bands, waterproof camera, FIVE pair of flipflips in all the hot colors, her MAW tshirt (the wish kids wear this so magic things will happen to them!), and other fun things!
Olive modeling Emma's new flips....
Emma and her family get back the weekend after Thanksgiving from their cruise, and I can't wait to hear all about it! I know she had a blast, while we're all stuck here working our tails off! Have so much fun Emma, and BEST WISHES!!!

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