Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My List of Thanks....in Pictures.

My beautiful mama, and her health. You are priceless to me. And now, so is your liver. :) For you I am thankful.
My tall, handsome Daddy. (like the best one EVER). He's oh so wise. Like an owl! HA! So thankful for you!!
My sassy sister. Who wants to grow up and be just like me. Oh wait....swap that. She rocks my world. So thankful for you! (Oh and that you were a girl...you know I told Mama if you were a boy, I'd through you in the holly bushes, right?)
Jeff, I'm thankful for you. You make me happy when skies are grey. My grandparents, oh so thankful!! If you ever came with me in college to visit Mimi, you know she cooks a mean meal, and sends us back with some serious leftovers! (Or if you've left your car in front of her house when we're beach bound....heaven help you if you BLOCKED the mailman!)
My grandmother is the definition of Strength. Courage. Resilience. Faith. And the greatest of these, LOVE.
My cousins. On the "Nick side." We're missing one, Nikki, in Birmingham, who's AH-mazingly talented. She's like, the newest curator for the Bham Museum of Art. WHOA! Her brother, who is 2 years younger than me, passed away in February. It makes me even more thankful for the time, be it brief or extended, that I spend with my cousins.
My "Simpson cousins." First, why do I look so short? Uncle Pat and Daddy are 6'4" and 6'5", all I got was a measily 5'8" out of that (which I used to think was impressive.) But 'round these parts, my beautiful cousins and sister tower over me at 5'10"...and well, Hunter...sheesh! I am thankful for you people, to the moon and back, for your height, and your hearts.
Robbie! My oldest, and first friend ever! My godparent's son, my "Bubba!" And on Thanksgiving, this guy turned 30! I am thankful for you, your family, fourwheelers, hunting with our daddies, sharing grandparents, afternoon snacks, puppies, Christmas, and secrets! You will always be my best buddy!
And last but not least, how can I not be thankful for Mr. Cameron Newton, Coach Chizik, and the Auburn TIGERS! WDE!!! I am so grateful for so many things, for so many people, that seem to be the glue that keep me together, put the smile on my face, keep that good ol' gut laugh coming! I love my life, and I'm learning more everyday to have faith, be patience, humble, graceful, and live it one day at a time. (Just please remember I am a work in progress!!)

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