Monday, November 15, 2010

Why I Love Owls and Auburn Tigers

First the hoots.
Pledging Chi Omega, something I wasn't so sure about on bid night when we were thrown in a room with 58 strangers and a sleeping bag, has now given me my favorite memories from college, friends I will grow old with, an annual weekend I count down to months in advance, inside jokes I can't even remember but still wet my drawers laughing at, and a eye...boy, have I got that eye...for the OWL. :)
So I was super excited when some pledge sisters of mine put together a little reunion tailgate for the AU vs. UGA game! I think Darby here was one of the instigators of this reunion, and I'm super pumped she was! It was so good to see everyone, though it certainly didnt last long enough. It never does!!
I'm not really sure what's going on with Erika (yep, Darby's twin) here. Especially the cowboy-boot-toe-pop she's displaying. I can only imagine she is so thrilled to see me, as I was her. She lives at the beach now, and is an oh-so-famous interior designer now, and is way too busy to live in the same dorm room with me anymore. Huh.
These girls are my faves ever. Sadly, we are missing a few staples who couldn't make it down, but OOC 2011 is right around the corner!! Clearly, even years after graduation....something in this photograph still smells like trouble....
After the reunion with my Chi O girlies was over, it was over to my home tailgate with my usual lovely ladies. Now this is what Auburn football is about to me, these girls, this tailgate, all that food, the TVs blaring (and the guys screaming at it), and now babies crawling around in their cute AU bubbles! It doesnt get any better.
I do love being an Auburn Tiger, and all that ORANGE!
There is nothing better than football, food, tailgating, the fall, my friends, my family, orange and blue shakers, the Plains.....
Where the Eagle Soars, and Tigers Roar, and Plainsmen Aint So Plain!!!
I suppose that's why come Christmas time I will have my appropriate Auburn and owl trees up loud and proud!!


  1. I love you JennSimp!! Can't wait to see you in just a few short months!!!

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