Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Aloha Joshua!

Joshua is an energetic 9 year old (in a house full of sisters!) whose biggest wish in the world is to go to Hawaii and swim with the dolphins and visit the place where Jurassic Park was filmed.  So the Make-A-Wish Foundation's plan is to make his wish come true this week!!  This sweet guy is a big time trooper who is fighting big time against the worst type of sickle cell anemia, along with his big sis. :(

But our job is to forget ALL ABOUT that yucky stuff, and to have FUN, FUN, FUN in Hawaii this week!  So we sent him off with a Hawaiian themed party at the restaurant of his choice.....Chucky Cheese!!!  I'd have taken more pictures, but I barely could get him to sit down for pizza....it was all about TOKENS baby!  I will say he loved these special cupcakes I brought made by some pretty special bakers I know. ;)

Happy Wish Day, sweet boy!  I hope this trip is so very special for you and your family, and you make some precious memories!

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  1. Once again, I always get a little weepy reading about your Make A Wish kids. So sweet! And I still want to get involved. Maybe this summer!!