Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bugfest 2011

You know, like mudbugs.  See?

Saturday was my dear friends, Rich and Chrissie's, annual Crawfish Boil, at their house on Lake Harding.  We had perfect weather, a great crowd, and plenty of "mudbugs" to go around.  However, Jeffrey seemed a little guarded over his corner of the table.... I actually rarely saw him all day not looking like this....
He did manage to squeeze one picture in with the host.  (Probably because they planned their "outfits" together the night before I'm sure.)  hehehehe
And for the few minutes Chrissie wasn't on mommy or hostess duty, I grabbed her too (though we didn't coordinate our wardrobes as well).  :)

There were plenty of handsome men there.  And for once, I will refrain from speaking of Jeff.  :)  This one had my attention the whole time.

He may look just like his daddy, but he's got waaay more hair that Rich!  Sorry, bud!

Well, crap.  I run across a picture like this and how can I not mention him??  So it's settled.  I definitely did have the cutest date over 2 years old there.  Hands down.
Of course you ask Christian's sister Tori, and she'd tell you SHE'S the best thing on that lake.  And I'm inclined to agree.  She's pretty hot stuff.  After all, attitude is everything.
I've been to a lot of Warner Bugfests, but I've never been on the cooking end of things.  Watching Rich cook this year I learned a LOT.  First I gotta give him props....this Cajun friend of mine drives to Louisiana (a 14 hour round trip!) to pick up 300 pounds of fresh crawfish the day before each boil!

It's so strange to see these guys alive, crawling all over each other in those giant coolers!  And covered in salt too...if you don't know what that's for, I won't tell you here.  You need to Bing it, it's TMI. 

Sorry, little men....
Rich and his strong armed buddies dump a cooler full into the pot, and you can hear these crustaceans saying Hail Mary's as they plop.

Then with a nifty little carrying pole, they lower that heavy pot into the bigger pot that's just a boiling (was that technical enough?).  This is where their prayers cease. 
Sorry Sebastean.  This little mermaid is ready to eat some tails!

It was a beautiful day filled with LOTS of crawfish, a great time with friends, and perhaps lasted a little too long!  But on the bright side of things, if it hadn't....we would have never made that midnight run for my first "The Donut Hole" experience!  Bound to happen sometime...  :)  Here's to another great Bugfest, Warners!  You pulled off yet another one!!  Love yall!

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